A new mysterious PS3 update has gone live. It is a mandatory update so you will see it if you log on now. It is a security patch for the PS3. We do not have a hacked PS3 to test the updates full intentions, but our money is on that it will target hacked PS3’S. If anyone has a hacked PS3 please comment below on your experience. Best of luck to the ones that dished out $300 doll hairs for the hack.

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    If they found some way to fix this hardware hack, I’ll be shocked….no amazed.

    • Geo and his Crew hacked 3.56 one hour after its release. They were ready.

      • kc

        I believe Sony might remedy this breach of security by using a small update that doesn’t fix the problem, but monitors all the PS3′s running illegal software (3.56 maybe?). Then they will use that Data to ban/ file suit/ brick/ etc. the culprit systems/ owners/ IPs. Maybe thats why 3.56 was so easy to break. It was set up for that reason.

        • Good theory. I wonder what the percentage since the hack went live is actually using the PSN right now.

  • troll article

  • troll article

  • Geohot is a madman. Wonder were this will take Sony.

  • Forsecuritynoname

    Hi, i have an hacked one, But with an dsn network truck you don’t need to instal the update. And you can Just play online 😉

  • the holy snake

    how hack 3.56 plese