Is the Xbox 360 Transforming D-Pad Controller Finally Affordable?

I still remember the day when Major Nelson announced the all new Xbox 360 Transforming D-Pad Controller to the public and I have to give it up to him, he swiftly threw in the $64.99 price in our face without even blinking. Well two months later and the Transforming D-Pad with Charge Kit gets a nice $20 discount. Take that Major!

At the time of the announcement, you had to be a die hard 360 gamer –literally a DIE hard, in order to appreciate the price, while the rest of us stayed content with our stock controllers. Well, it was only a matter of time –2 months to be exact, for the controller to start getting some discounts. Amazon is currently offering the D-Pad controller for only $43.99 with free shipping check it out: Xbox 360 Silver Controller and Play & Charge Kit

While the discount is solid –and quite honestly the price it should have released since day one, compared to the price of Dual Shock 3’s and the other standard 360 controllers, this is by far an amazing deal.

Plus these deals on the controller must have something to do with the popularity of it, right? I mean, why aren’t the Dual Shocks or regular 360 controllers discounted more often? Something tells me, that either gamers have been boycotting the Transforming D-Pad due to the price, or we really can’t afford $64.99 for a piece of hardware in today’s economy.

Who bought this controller day one? Who waited for deals like these? What is the right price for a gaming controller?