TQcast Episode 134: Good Bye Kevin Butler, Sony Needs a New Move

It’s TQ Time! It’s TQcast Episode 134: Good Bye Kevin Butler

On today’s Show:
Has Sony dropped the ball yet again?
Kevin Butler is so 2010
Is Rockstar’s “Agent” going to put the PS3 back on top?
Nintendo 3DS dated and priced, First Day buy?
Mass Effect 2 drops on the PS3, does it really look better?
Plus check out Denoch’s “Yuh Yuh” Tip of the week! Go Bears!
And LIVE Calls!
All that plus much more!

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  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    I smell desperation.

    I love Pat Preezy and you guys…but this is getting ridiculous.

    The PS3 works. It should not be a duplicate of the Xbox 360. Everything you guys are spitting out is contrary to fact. We don’t need a new XMB unless you want it to be integrated with voice commands / the MOVE controller.

    You are hung up on the “fun factor.” Fun factor is measured by hype which a lot of gamers fall for. Besides voice chat and the party system, there’s no reason to own an Xbox 360.

    Kinect…? More hype. Pat Preezy sounded like HipHopGamer. Besides dancing…what has Microsoft introduced that actually merits awards?

    I’m not saying the MOVE is better. I have Move and I use it on occasion. The Kinect would be no better.

    Bottom line here….the problem lies with the gamers and you guys. I’m just being serious here. This is not an attack. You’re expecting WAY too much from consoles for free.

    Sony gave you a forum to voice your opinions. It’s great to say it on the podcast, but if you’re not telling Sony, they can’t help you.

    I get why you like Xbox Live and the 360. But the Xbox 360 does NOTHING that I can’t get on a regular PC. You can’t say that about the PS3.