Kung-Fu Live Review

Game: Kung-Fu Live
Genre: Fighting
System: PS3
Reviewed by: Crazyjulious

This game at first glance is super awesome. Can you just imagine seeing yourself on screen punching, kicking, and doing backflips? This is all possible thanks to the Playstation eye. This new game seems to take on kinect directly. Will this new physically engaging title bring an inovative controllerless experience to Ps3 lovers? Or is it a desperate attempt by Sony to keep up with Microsoft?

Gameplay: This is probably the most important concept when it comes to playing a game like this. Let me start by saying that this could have been something great. As soon as I started playing the game I started to throw punches and kicks at the enemies. I realized that only like one out of five hits I would perform would actually hit the enemies. It was a little frustrating, especially when you would sometimes jump in the game when you didnt even move. I kept playing this game nonetheless. I noticed that you have to throw really slow punches in order for them to land on the enemy. It just wasnt fun.

Story: The story on this game is to protect a painting that eventually broke and released little black annoying creatures(no spoilers here). You play through the story in a cartoonie comic book style. During the cutscenes you see yourself in the actual comic, which I thought was pretty cool. Its a series of side scrolling matches for the most part. The gameplay made it a little hard to enjoy the story.

Graphics: Your not going to find any eye candy here. The graphics are barely passable for a PS3 game. Thats ok since this game relies on gameplay more than anything. It is a sidescrolling fighting game that is arguably in 3D graphics (Not 3D vision).

Sound: The voice acting is good, especially when they come out with some cheesy lines. For the most part the sound isnt as engaging as you would like it. Its a little dull for the most part. Some fist-pumping music during matches would have been nice.

Wishes: I would like the gameplay to be fixed. It doesnt work as is. A soundtrack with some workout music, since its what your doing in this game. Especially when only one out of five punches hits your enemies.

TQ Bottom Line: I would hold off on buying this game for now. I can see this game being very fun in the future with maybe some patch updates.

Final Score: 2.5 out of 5.0 Michelas!