Whiskey in a Can is Real and Now Being Sold

A little bit of Maker’s Mark over ice is always welcomed, a little bit of Maker’s Mark and some Coke is always a pleasure, but how about a little can of Whiskey in your mouth? That is right, Whiskey is now being sold in a can — well in the Caribbean and South American markets for the time being, with no assurance of it ever being allowed in the U.S. This is the first time in history that strait Whiskey comes in a can. What do you think? Convenient, fail or keep the flask?

Source- BroBible!

  • This will never come to the U.S. In my opinion. I would love it too but it won’t. The whole can idea in my opinion wouldn’t be allowed because it would promote drinking way more than a single serving of liquor. Which let’s face it, is not really a great idea in the first place. You give someone a can and they will be encouraged to drink it all because otherwise you can’t reseal it.

    • I agree, we will never see it the states — legally that is.