EA Sports Active 2 Review

Game: EA Sports Active 2
Genre: Fitness
System: Wii
Review by: Illmatic

Ever since motion controlled gaming has hit the market, there has been a flood of games with accompanying peripherals. Amongst these games are the ever popular fitness titles. These titles claim to help you lost weight and get back into shape, all while having fun. If you know anything about diet and exercise, you know enough to know that it is anything but fun and games. EA Sports Active 2 takes a different approach to the so-called, “follow on-screen prompts to lose weight” gimmick, but does it accomplish what it is trying to do?

Peripherals: EA Sports Active 2 comes with a few accessories to aid in your gameplay and also to help keep track of your progress. There is a motion device that attaches to your upper thigh to track when you are stepping or jumping. There is a heart rate monitor that attaches your upper forearm to monitor your heart rate. Then there are the resistance bands that are used for the weight-lifting type of activities. The quality of the accessories are all built with quality. The heart rate monitor and motion tracker attach with an arm band and leg band. The arm and leg bands are lined with rubber grips so that they don’t slip off while you are working out. The resistance band wont offer much to someone who is looking to build serious muscle. The included resistance band is great for people who have not exercised in a while or for people looking to tone there bodies. If you don’t want to use the included resistance band you could always purchase a set or use dumbbells, making your workouts more challenging. The Wii-Mote is used in the game as a second motion tracker but it is not included with the game. I will note that the Wii-Mote is not used in every activity, and when it is left untouched for a short period of time it shuts off (to preserve battery power). This can be very annoying because the screen prompts you to re-connect the Wii-Mote during your workout.

Activities: The activities in EA Sports Active 2 are what really make this title shine. At first inspection it may appear that you are about to play a series of mini-games, but believe me these are NOT GAMES. The activities in EA Sports Active 2 will make you work hard and they will push you to work harder. I was a little worried how the whole “exercise game on the Wii” thing would work. After playing participating in the first activity I was a firm believer that this game can accomplish some peoples fitness goals. Most of the activities have you repeating workout routines that your trainer if doing. These activities range from anything from mountain biking to skateboarding. With over 70 activities you shouldn’t get bored anytime soon. There is an option to have custom workouts so you can mix and match your favorite activities.

Workout: So how does this title compare to going to the gym? In all honesty, nothing can compare to the gym, but this game does offer a great alternative. All of the activities in EA Sports Active 2 are created to help you accomplish your fitness goals while having fun doing it. Ill admit, while the activities are entertaining, they are definitely not too fun, unless you enjoy punishment. This is not a bad thing, this is actually the strong point for this game. Pain is progress and if you follow the workout regimens without cheating, you will see results. The activities in EA Sports Active 2 are designed to push your body and really make you sweat. It accomplishes both of these with no remorse. There is one activity that really had me gasping for air afterwards, the race around the track against my trainer. The race was tracked on screen, so I could see my progress against my trainer in real time. If I slowed down in the living room, my avatar slowed down on the screen. Im in pretty good physical health and I exercise regularly but this game still had me sweating. If you have not exercised in a while this game will definitely kick your arse.

TQ Bottom Line: If you are looking to jump-start a new workout or just looking to tone up a bit, this is definitely a worthy title to pick up. The mix of activities and workout regimens keep this game fun and entertaining. If you are looking to be the next 50 Cent you should probably look elsewhere. This title is not intended to replace the good ol’ weight-room. This title does suffer from that annoying Wii-Mote issue and as small as it may seem, it really does interfere with your workout.

Final Score: 3.5 out of 5 Michelas!

EA Sports Active 2
Developer: EA Canada
Publisher: Electronic Arts
MSRP: $49.99

  • This looks great, yet another fitness game – Love the look of the Xbox Kinnect and the sport games for workouts but this sounds like it could be pretty good too.

  • The Yoyo man

    This is great WHEN IT WORKS ! Be prepared to keep having to fork out for a new box of software and accessories every 7 months though…….the heart rate monitor has a SERIOUS defect and ceases to function correctly after around 7 months. The problem then is that you cannot buy another one separately so…..you have to buy a complete set !