What Sony must Learn from Today’s Cheap PS3 Frenzy – PS3 Would Dominate

The PlayStation 3 is the most powerful gaming console in the market, yet the console always seems to land in 3rd place when it comes to system sales every holiday season. What happened to the PS Move? What happened to the initial success GT5 was suppose to deliver? Forget the fanboy talk, the PS3 is financially failing for Sony. But one thing will prove that Sony can overturn this misfortune and be back on top. If software is how Sony makes its money, then let’s see this happen.

We all know that Sony has some incredible exclusive games — sure most are repeated exclusives, but they are still great and seem to surpass the previous every time, but as powerful and great the PS3 is, Sony needs to realize that shit needs to change in order to give the PS3 that number one spot.

The recent issues with the PS3 jailbreak and Geo Hot is definitely not helping Sony, especially since Sony is not making tons of money from the hardware portion of the PS3, rather making most of its cash from these game exclusives. So how can Sony over turn this.

DROP THE PRICE OF THE PS3! Fuck it, look at what happened today, the PS3 has been listed in Amazon for $40 and the internet goes in freenzy! Twitter, Facebook, Google, it’s everywhere “a cheap PS3 Deal”! Yes, Sony, you must listen, drop the price ASAP! We don’t expect the PS3 to be $40, but dropping the price to $149.99 -$199.99 would move tons of consoles to the consumers that matter -the general consumer who currently don’t own a PS3, and with more PS3’s out there, the more software will need to be sold. Yes indeed, Sony would be back on top. PS3 in only does everything, 3D, Blu-Ray, Netflix, Exclusives for $149.99 -$199.99 you better believe that things would change. Otherwise, it’s on to the PS4 for another shot at the top.

  • hurrrdurrr

    you really think the PS3 is financially failing for sony? By that logic, the 360 must be a huge loss for Microsoft since, you know, the ps3 has outsold it since it’s release (8 million headstart of the 360 reduced to just 2.5 million since the ps3’s release)
    As for GT5 not being the seller it was supposed to be…. around 7.5 million copies of GT5 have been distributed (5.5m in it’s release month, 560k in US over the holiday period, 1.2m is EU over holiday period, 300k other territories. In fact now that it’s mid january even more copies would have been sold) GT5 has, so far, sold better than halo reach which is one of the best-selling games of this generation. GT5 has done just fine sales wise and sony has been sitting on a gold mine with all their exclusives being released soon

  • Eediots

    “What Sony must learn”

    LOL, Sony doesn’t need to learn anything from you guys. The PS3 is profitable for a whole year now, if they make money on it, why should they drop the price? Price drops are always likely at the holiday season, so wait till its holiday 2011 for a price drop.

    And oh yeah, in 2007 and 2009, PS3 and Wii dominated hardware sales. The 360 sold more in 2006,2008 and holiday 2010. so much for ps3 getting 3rd at “every holiday season”

  • duffman

    most powerful console my ass . the xbox 360 and the ps3 are about the same amount of power. infact the 360 has the better graphics card out of both and the cpus were made by the same company of witch the person said the two processor are about equal they just process data differently. the only reason there are better graphics on the ps3 is that there are better developers on sonys side or developers on microsofts side are to lazy to make a better game .

    • hurrrdurrr

      and because the ps3 has 256mb of 3.2ghz xsr ram along with 256mb of the standard ddr3 ram. That guy at IBM has been countered on numerous occasions by developers and hardware analysts that the cell has a LOT more potential than the 360’s cpu. 8 spus running at 3.2ghz alongside the cell processor, which is able to do graphics processing, makes the ps3 a slightly more powerful console. The 360’s graphics chip is actually incrementally better than the ps3’s but the cell and it’s superior ram more than makes up for that

    • kikibot

      Lol, another xbot in denial…they ‘ll never learn :

      just check the F. exclusives (you know, the thiong ms does’nt have each years), ps3 is way more powerfull since you can’t get killzone, uncharted, gt5, etc kind of graphics, polygones, animations, effects, IA.

      Poor delusional msb brainwashed fanboyz.

  • Chris

    Hey, please remove Sony’s cock from your mouth before speaking so we can understand you better. Thanks.

    • timbo

      Hey, please remove M$’s cock from your mouth before speaking so we can understand you better. Cheers.

  • safwat

    “the PS3 is financially failing for Sony.” then why would they sell it for $40? stupidity at its finest

  • ghost35

    The only reason Xbox 360 outsells PS3 is the amount of owners replacing or rebuying the console due to system failure.

  • kikibot

    Yet another America = The World article. Shame.

    Ps3 is selling more since launch worlwide (even on vgchartz, well known 360’s sites), the gap is close to 0 now, the best exclusives are (again) on PS3 this year…so start to think to save 360, the inferior product, not the one who don’t have to.

  • datdude

    I always wonder why fanboy clowns seem to care so much which console sells more. Bunch of childish idiots. I bought both ps3 and 360 because each has games I want to play. End of story. Competition is good. It means we the consumers win. If one of the big three ever causes the other two to close up shop and not produce a next generation console we will all lose. That’s what you should worry about, not if company x outsold or is better than company y.

  • D.Vader

    Dammit, I totally forgot this site was full of fuckin retards. LOL Yeah of course any current gen console selling for $40 is going to sell like crazy.

    Of course Sony wants to sell the PS3 as cheap as possible. You don’t think anyone over at Sony has thought of cutting the price of the PS3 recently. 😛

    Mental Note — Don’t read T-Cast, waste of time.

    • Dvader take of that Dual Shock 3 from your ass for a few minutes and read the damn article, did I say $40? Understand that financially the PS3 is loosing!! You really think Sony gives a shit what you think? They want to make money, Kevin Butler won’t save you this time, Sony needs to focus on making the PS3 a must have for any family in order to take over this generation. Don’t think Sony is just here to release exclusives and Blu-Rays they want to have it all and this is how they can do it. $40?? where the fuck did you get that number read it Vader, read it. I said $149.99 $199.99 mix that with what the PS3 offers and even the people that don’t know shit about gaming would buy one for its media capabilities and price.

      Think outside the box, don’t be stuck in these fanboyism cycle, You will end up hurting yourself.

      and fuck yeah I’m retarded, and now, so are you for reading and loving my shit.

  • Orange

    Pretty much what D.Vader said any consoles would sell like crazy if it sold for $40 technically it was $60 with shipping.

    I don’t think they will drop the price to $100 or $150 like you say they would lose to much money on each PS3 sold. Since they barely started making money on each PS3 they sell in the middle of 2010 so if they cut it to $100 they would probably start losing money again and it seems Sony is more focus on making profit.

    A more realistic prediction would be a $50 price cut that seems reasonable but I don’t expect it until at least the middle of the year or the end of the year.

  • Tom Ato

    Considering the fact that the 360 doesn’t have a single exclusive game lined up for the whole of this year I don’t think Sony NEED to issue a price cut to stay on top. Having said that however…….I do believe Sony will cut the price of the PS3 by $50 the month before Uncharted 3 comes out. A drop in price followed by the release of the biggest game of the entire generation would be a 2 – hit combo that Microsoft wouldn’t have a prayer of answering, no matter how many Halo spin – offs they rush out.

  • Milkman

    I am someone who has owned all Playstations and still can’t justify the 300 dollars for a 120 gb station that comes within nothign but a controller. I work hard for my money and love my games, but regardless of the blue ray, internet, etc.. It is still a lot of money, not to mention that each game costs 40 to 60 dollars. It is a lot of money, I would like nothing more than to go grab one and am pissed I missed the 100 gift card deal, but I will continue to wait until the prices drop or a good deal approaches. And there are thousands out there like me, that are just waiting…and can not justify that much money for the system. I love Playstation and have grown up playing it, but I can do the same on my home computer minus the 300 right now. I think they need to drop the price, at least 50 dollars and the same on the move bundle. That is a lot of money to ask people to pay.