4 Ways To Kinect Your Gaming Setup Like a Pro – Clean & Sexy

The Xbox 360 Kinect may look sleek and shiny, but setting up your new Kinect to your gaming setup may not leave you with the best looking or stable results. Below are 4 ways to successfully keep your gaming setup looking clean and organized after adding an all new Xbox 360 Kinect.

Xbox 360 Kinect Extension Cable Surely, someone has had an issues with their Xbox 360’s placement. It would obviously be much cheaper to just move your Xbox 360 near your television, but maybe you just want to keep your entertainment setup looking clean and moving consoles is not an option. That’s where these cables come in handy. Now, for $49.99, you must be out of your mind, so we did find a cheaper solution that works the same way as the Microsoft branded. A USB repeater Cable found here will set you back only $15 bucks, but keep in mind, that Microsoft does not recommend to use another brand. (We have warned you). You can Pick up the Xbox branded from Amazon.

Xbox 360 Kinect Floor Stand
This Kinect floor stand is a great solution for any Kinect gaming setup, especially if you have more than one setup. You can simply pick up the stand and move it to the next room. The Kinect stand is adjustable and works on both hard floor and carpet. Adjusting the pole to be at the exact height of your TV is recommended for the best look. This solution is recommended for larger living areas or rooms, installing the stand right behind the TV looses about 2 feet in most cases.  The Xbox Kinect Stand is now available via Amazon

Xbox 360 Wall Mount

This one is the cleanest and the best mounting solution for small places such as; apartments, bedrooms or small living areas. The Xbox 360 Wall Mount can be easily mounted on the wall behind your TV set. This Kinect mounting solution also works great for smaller place. Mounting the Kinect holder above your TV will give you extra room to detect 2 Kinect gamers. In addition, the  will give it the cleanest look especially if you add some panduit or even install the cable behind the wall to make it seem as if the Kinect sensor is floating. Available from Amazon.

Xbox 360 TV Mount: The TV Mount attaches directly to your television via the same wall mount screws. This solution can Supports flat-panels up to 60 inches and also mount between flat panel and wall-mounting bracket for all wall mounted Television. This TV attachment is available from Amazon.

Free Solution:
Now, if you are creative enough you can always make your own Kinect stand with the same foam that comes in the Kinect box like Dead General X has done with his very own setup.