The Celebrity Headphone Scene is Getting Ludacris

No that was not a typo. Ludacris, the Atlanta born rapper and bonafide actor, is teaming up with Signeo USA to release his own line of headphones called “SOUL” by Ludacris.

What makes his line of headphones different? According to CNN’s interview with the iPad fan, Ludacris is focused on bringing both Bentley inspired style and great audio quality to the scene. The most important difference may be the price as the entry point in his line will start around $100 allowing even non-audiophiles to get a taste of the latest fashion accessory.

The headset line is engineered by top professionals in the audio industry and promises to deliver world-class noise cancellation with superior sound. Other features will include in-line remote control, illuminated accents with scratch-resistant finishes, full ear cup articulation, a 3.5mm right-angle plug, and a three-way folding design that lets you store them away in the included protective carrying case.

The high definition lineup has quite the range from in-ear headphones like the SL49 and SL99 all the way up to the professional SL300 model. All indications point to these stylish audio accessories to hit store shelves sometime in early 2011.

Official Website: SOUL by Ludacris

Sources: CNN