Eminem Could Be the Next GTA Star – Perfect Timing for GTA 5

Eminem is no stranger to the acting game, but it has been a while since we have seen him bless the big screen. Rumors have been circulating that Eminem can very well be the next Rockstar inspired star in a Grand Theft Auto like movie.

A real deal was once in the works that had Rockstar semi involved, but later turned down the deal due to concerns of destroying the video game franchise with this one movie. 20th century fox has continue to pursue this GTA like movie and have gone out to hire several heavy weight producers such as; Paul Rosenberg and Stuart Parr who also produced 8 mile and Get rich or Die trying.

At this time we do know that The studio brought in writer-director David Von Ancken, who for the last few years has been directing Showtime’s Californication, but who’d also directed the 2006 Liam Neeson and Pierce Brosnan revenge Western, Seraphim Falls.

The film is currently named “Random Acts of Violence” and is expected to start shooting this year once the screenplay is polished.

How about Rockstar give in this time around. Wouldn’t this be a perfect time with Grand Theft Auto 5 rumored to be out in late 2011 or early 2012?

You can read more on the plans for the movie from the NYMag daily

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  • No. The reason why Rockstar doesn’t wan’t to make a Grand Theft Auto movie is because whilst the story is a big part of each GTA Game, the GTA forumla is that you can go anywhere and do anything you want. Movies, you just watch, and can’t do anything at all.

  • 22

    if he stars in gta5, i will buy a copy, piss on it and then throw it away. thats a fuckin terrible idea.

  • i will buy this one, the haters must not comment if they would tell some shits that wouldn’t make my idol happy, why do people always comments bad about him, haters must shut or zip their mouths up biatches…

  • ChronicPlayer

    Honestly, I will gladly play any game Eminem stars in. He’s a decent artist, and is trying to get back at being a decent person. I applaud him for not giving up on the good in this world.

  • oussama_teta

    yes gtav