Sony PlayStation Phone Up Close and Personal

If the latest pictures of the heavily rumored PlayStation phone are not enough to convince you it is real, then the specifications released by Chinese site IT168 should finally convince you despite Sony failing to mention the device during their CES 2011 press conference.

According to IT168, the Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) device will use a 1GHz Snapdragon processor and a Qualcomm GPU which both were standard in numerous Android devices in 2010. The Xperia as it is branded in recent pictures also features 512 MB of RAM and ROM all powering a 4-inch LCD with a resolution of 854 X 480.

Despite the lack of any solid battery tests, the site identified that it will use a 1500 mAh battery. The Sony Xperia will also feature a 5 mega-pixel camera with LED flash and a noise cancellation mic on the back which both will allow consumers to record high definition video to store on microSD cards.

There is no clarification whether this device will be a World phone but the inclusion of a sim card slot does verify that the phone will work with GSM carriers. The lack of a finished CDMA version may be the reason for Sony’s lack of coverage this week.

Source: IT168 via Engadget

  • Jeez…That should have been the PSP Phone since day one..I’m talking about that PSPgo. Seriously, Sony just seems to be executing so late now a day.

  • Agreed. These specs are from last year.

    At first I actually thought about getting since the specs are so close to my Evo but I’d just be paying for old technology.

    I’ll just use my tablet or maybe if the PSP2 proves worthy, I’ll give it a look.