What is the fastest way to become the biggest video chat platform on mobile devices? Well it helps if you are already one of the biggest and most popular communication tools around.

Skype recently released their video chat or calling application for iPhones which left much of the Green Army scratching their heads. After all, there is a Skype Android app as well. Where’s the love? Well at least 5 million users still had QIK to record, stream, and share their video with.

Enter Skype…why build it when you can buy it for $100 million? It is rumored that Skype has purchased the Android-based video chat/streaming platform Qik which happens to be the most popular application in that category for Android. This would immediately solidify Skype as the biggest audio and video chat internet platform available on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPads, tablets, set-top boxes, or Android devices.

With the advent of Android tablets, the iPad 2 rumored to have a front-facing camera, and all the desktops with video capabilities, Skype has a large audience to advertise to. The company previously had designs on charging for internet calling and have temporarily postponed their plans.

Regardless, this could be a huge step for consumers as it gives the public another option to the calling plans AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon currently offer. More competition just means lower prices for everybody…or so we hope.

Internet calling still requires an internet connection which consumers still have to rely on other companies for. With the lack of net neutrality and a concentrated effort by telecommunications companies to keep mobile internet shielded from the concept, it may be a bit premature to celebrate as there is nothing to stop throttling or restricting access to Skype. Then again, maybe the pricing alone could force consumers into sticking with bundled calling, texting, and internet plans.

Source: Business Insider via Mashable