Mac App Store Officially Launches

A few months back, during Apples Press Conference, Steve Jobs announced a few big ideas coming to Mac. The biggest of his announcements was the App Store for Macs. With the popularity of the App Store on our iOS devices it was a no brainer to bring the App Store to our desktops. But what does this mean to us, the consumer? More fart apps? Definitely not.

The beauty behind the App Store is its simple navigation and ease of use. If I want to download an App that gives me directions, I simply tap it, wait for it to download, and start enjoying it. The App Store has changed the way we purchase games and other random utilities. But up until now, these games and utilities were only available on our iPhones and iPads.

Enter Mac App Store.

Today, Apple has released their App Store for desktops via a software update. While it may only have a couple hundred apps, the possibilities are now endless. Software developers now have a chance to focus on making their products without having to worry about finding a place to distribute them. The same ease of use found in our idevices can be found here. You simply click the app you want, watch it download in the dock, then of course start enjoying your new app.