ilomilo Review

Game: ilomilo
Genre: Puzzle
System: Xbox 360
Review by: Illmatic

When screenshots for Ilomilo surfaced, they had many gamers thinking that it was a direct rip-off of Little Big Planet. At first glance, I will admit, it does look “Little Big Planet-ish”. Dig a little deeper and you will find that this game is anything but a Little Big Planet rip-off.

Gameplay: Ilomilo is a puzzle game that has players re-uniting Ilo and Milo in order to progress to the next stage. You play as both characters, alternating between each character as you please. The game opens with a few tutorial levels to get you used to the gameplay and objectives. After the first few tutorial levels I wasn’t really amazed. The gameplay felt to simple, and the objective seemed like it was lacking something. The real fun starts when you begin the first non-tutorial level. As I mentioned earlier, the main objective is to get Ilo and Milo to re-unite at the end of each level. This may sound easy, and at times it is, but there are some tricky puzzles in each level that will do everything to prevent those cute little creatures from meeting each other. Each level is composed of cubes that form a large platform for Ilo and Milo to navigate through. Within the level there are cubes that Ilo and Milo can grab to help get to each other. These cubes vary in functionality and also help keep the difficulty of the game fun. As you progress through the game, the puzzles get harder and your appreciation for the game really starts to build.

Graphics: I can see why people said that this game was ripping off Little Big Planet. The cloth-like feel to some of the levels are a little reminiscent to Little Big Planet, but this is definitely not a rip-off. The graphics in Ilomilo are very well done. The color tones really compliment the peaceful and relaxing vibe that this game has. The characters are cute, simple, and nicely crafted. As you progress through worlds, the whole atmosphere of the game changes. One world might be in space, while another world might be under the ocean. Regardless of which world you are in, you will immediately appreciate the amount of detail taken to craft these levels.

Sound: The sound in Ilomilo is very relaxing. Its not relaxing to the point where it puts you to sleep, but it is relaxing enough to calm your nerves when you get overly frustrated with a particular puzzle. The sound is done well and compliments the simplicity yet complexity of each level. Sound effects are also handled pretty well. There is no voice acting in Ilomilo, but there is tons of nice little sound effects that make up for that.

Wishes Although Ilomilo is a very fun game, it is rather short. The game can be completed in just under 4 hours. Other than local co-op, there isn’t much to come back to after you have completed the campaign. Hopefully we’ll see some free level updates, I doubt it though.

TQ Bottom Line: Ilomilo may be a short game but it is definately one of the best puzzle games I have played in a long time. This game will be fun for people of all ages and gamers of all types.

Final Score: 4 out of 5 Michelas!

(4 Michelas? What does this mean?) 4 Michelas is like drinking 4 of your favorite drinks, you are feeling amazing and socializing with everybody in your group. You are at the peek of your buzz and only 1 michela away from Perfection.

Developer: Southend Int.
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
MSRP: $9.99

  • I was excited about this game until I found out it was a puzzle game. I hate puzzle platformers.