OnLive Proving it’s here to Stay- Vizio 3D TV Intergration Announced

Don’t count OnLive out, I have been using the service for a few weeks and now and all I can tell you right now is that this is the future of gaming. Surely, we all want to keep physical media as part of our daily lives, but once you try OnLive out you will see the convenience of having the service. Think of it as a gaming netflix.

Today, OnLive has announced that the Game Service will be integrated into new VIZIO VIA Plus TVs at up to 1080p resolution in 3D*. Not only that, but OnLive will also be integrated into VIZIO’s new line of VIA Blu-ray players, Android tablets and smartphones.

So how about that, looks like the micro console may come down in price…..oh wait, it has already taken a slice on it’s price of $99. You can currently purchase the micro console for only $66 from OnLive right now.