The World’s Most Expensive Headphone Stand

For just under $200 you too can have the best headphone stand in existence. Well, clearly not in my book, this has to be the biggest rip off for a middle class gentleman as myself. The Sieveking Sound Omega Headphone Stand for $179 is more than my Grado headphones and near the price of my Studio Beats, which come with a case btw.

Sure, I love showing off my headphones too and I will admit that the design is rather clean and stylish and the option to choose from 4 different wood types such as; Walnut, Zebrano, Cherry and Maple really make it a temp buy…if I could afford these. Maybe some TQfam are wood lovers or big spenders, so I hope you let us know if you decide to grab one of these stands. Sievking does promise; “Won’t stretch your headphones, Even Pressure for ear pads, fits most headphones and made in Germany.

If we have any TQfam carpenters out there, you might want to look into a headphone stand business to compete against these overpriced headphone stand, wood lovers.

Source -Daily Find