PS Jailbreak was Bigger Than any PS3 Game in 2010

We all know that PS Jailbreak stole the the show this year, 2010 was the year that the PS3’s security was finally compromised and behind the scene, PS Jailbreak has been very successful. Of course, Sony’s PS3 has had an amazing year in gaming, community and technology, but we would all be fooling ourselves if we didn’t bring up PS Jailbreak as the biggest PS3 news of the year.

Think of the Original Xbox, the console was incredible, but only till the console’s security was compromised did it become more popular and more advanced. Now, let’s look at the PS3. The PlayStation 3 has been the console that somehow cannot catch up to the current generation in terms of online features to those of Microsoft’s Xbox Live. While most PS3 gamers have been used to the lack of cross game chat and the dreadfully slow downloads and patch updates on the console, many of these missing features may be easily implemented or even disregarded with the help of jailbreak gurus.

It was said when the PS3 came out, that the PS3 would be the console of the future and the console that would have a 10 yr life span. While it seems that Sony is in pace to meet that talk, the PS3 can have more than 10 years as a relevant console with tons of support and features that we are hearing PS Jailbreak do today. It always seems that once a console get’s compromised, the company always abandons the console and moves on to the next one, when in fact they should be focusing on the legal features that people like about the jailbroken version.

Indeed, PS Jailbreak is more than likely used to play backup games now a day, but why doesn’t Sony bend a little and go against these jailbreakers and not only match, but top whatever the jailbreak team offers? Sony is into making money as much as the next business, the problem is, that the general public never sees the true potential of a console therefore might pass on a purchase. Only the true followers and explorers of the console will understand and find its true potential through a source that could be working for Sony instead of working against Sony.

The PS3 is a powerful console, but by the time Sony shows us its true capabilities, the label will read PS4 and the year will be 2016, while the jailbreak aficionados, laugh at the fact that the PS3 was capable of all this, since 2010.

We are not encouraging PS Jailbreak, we are encouraging Sony, to step up. PS Jailbreak was indeed bigger than any PS3 game in 2010 and it’s just the beginning.

  • Hackmysystem

    Where do I get one of these. I need this In my life

  • Tim Larkin

    The PS3 is now compromised and you think the homebrew hackers will reinvent the PS3? Remeber that PS3 used to allow Linux? PS3 was open source, yet yeilded very little innovation. (Hence Sony removing the feature.)

    The vast majority of fun stuff on the hacked Xbox was illiegal.

    Also, a hacked Xbox or PS3 is hardley different from a PC.

    Profit is required. Illegal hacks may sell systems, but not software. Sony loses with jailbreak.

  • Nylon

    Senseless article! You’re already making a fool out of yourself for comparing a device to the games! Where is your logic! Your professionalism is no lesser than a million of bloggers who just have fun blogging their daily events..

    To even use the Xbox as an example to the PlayStation3 just show how little you know about the gaming industry. The original Xbox didn’t turn out of favor because it was Cracked! The system is just not as appealing enough, and was heavily overshadowed by the PlayStation2 mammoth libraries of games! Infact every system including the Gamecube,SegaSaturn all went dead after sometime, as they couldn’t keep up both financially and stepping up.. It was called the era of PlayStation’s domination! Another fact is that ALL system is CRACKED! Did that hurt the sales? Absolutely NOT! The PlayStation2 which is a console heavily pirated continue to sell like hotcakes even good software at some point would hit a mark of atleast 5millions! Sony didn’t abandon the ship. Why would they? They are profiting and they kept their promises of that 10years support for the PlayStation2. They did far surpass their promises now heading to 12th years! Even till this day the console is still publishing games and selling!

    So now tell me, where does it show any resemblance of the Original Xbox that you speak of? How does this generation show any gaming console dominating? The Wii? Selling hot yes, dominate the market, NO! The Xbox360?! Last I read the data the PlayStation3 is mildly just behind the Xbox360 sales which had a Free year headstart. PlayStation3 is infact catching up at an extraordinary rate during the past 2years. This year 2011 will show an even a better year for the PlayStation3 with their excellent line-up of exclusives and the support of new multiplats of games that during some point of time could only be played on Wii,Xbox360,PC e.g. MassEffect.

    It doesn’t matter a System is CRACKED! There are over 200million of gamers out there. A honest man with his pride will buy authentic product to support this industry! Especially men who goes work would know how difficult these developers effort are. Those who steal, Karma will eventually come hurt back YOU!