Apparently Kanye West is not the only shady cat out there much to the surprise of the American media. The scrutinized artist is a chart-topping beast once again proving he has the “Power” to deliver even despite the hate. As a result his work has repeatedly found its way illegally onto the Internet this year.

Queue the newest leak as Kanye West’ highly anticipated “Monster” video was put on Youtube today in a rough cut version.

Check out the musical phenom’s lastest masterpiece with assists from Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, and Rick Ross for yourself. Warning : It is NSFW! check out the video..

  • wow.. Kanye has some white teeth.. Can’t wait to get mine whiten.

  • V8Supercars

    What a sh!t song and even sh!tter video clip, I know many of you might like this but its crap, what is happening to Rap music? no wonder i listen to other genre’s of music these days.

  • that video is crazy. i have a strong feeling this will not get any play on tv…

  • I just had an orgasm watching Nicki do her thing at the end..

  • ‘Joe

    ehh the videos wtf n the songs so and so idk why nicki raps with stoopid different voices,the auto tune blows and jay z was pretty tight