It Is Just a Beta

Extending the DC Universe Online beta to more gamers should have been a boon to the new MMO . Some beta testers recall their experiences with heightened excitement while others make disparaging remarks about a game that has not been released to the public yet. Instead of spending time trying to improve the game, people are spreading premature criticism. Why not spend more time on the beta forums and less time putting down a property that’s not done yet?
It is just a beta. A participant should test the product for faults and report them to the people who can actually do something about it. If the beta closed and these faults were not addressed, then it becomes necessary to educate the public on the developer’s failure to rectify issues that will most likely make it into retail copies.

Some testers failed to grasp this concept and as a result more people–more importantly people who do not frequently play MMOs–have begun to question the entire game. If the game crashes, why should they play it? Why should they be forced to pay $14.99 a month to play a game? How can a gamer be sure they are spending money on a game that will be supported?

All these questions can be answered by using common sense. The game is currently crashing in beta state but not for every gamer. Several testers are able to stay connected to the beta so that means numerous variables may be hampering the connectivity. Relax…the beta is not closed yet. It still could be fixed.

It costs money to maintain servers with thousands of unique player content on it. Please consider that DLC, patches, and upgraded content added into the world cost money to produce. The $14.99 charge is warranted. All traditional MMO players understand this. Xbox Live charges for a reason and even higher-ups at PlayStation have acknowledged that PSN was costing them money…hence PSN+.

Sony and the people behind this game have clout when it comes to their respective fields. Chris Cao was a developer for the MMO affectionately known as “Evercrack” because people could not stop playing the game. In fact, Everquest is so popular, it has spawned 3 more MMO titles for the franchise. Mr. Cao will contribute his talents to DCUO as the Game Director.

DC Universe’s own award-winning Comic creator Jim Lee will be in charge of the creative direction. Along with him comes several of DC’s most talented content creators like JJ Kirby and Carlos D’Anda whose concept work inspired much of Batman: Arkham Asylum. Other notable DC staff involved will be DC Comic’s Chief Creative Officer Geoff John, Inker Oliver Nome, Cover Artist Michael Lopez, Penciler/Inker Eddie Nunez, and Penciler/Inker Livio Ramondelli.

Consider the fact that Sony Online Entertainment already produced big MMO franchises such as Everquest, Final Fantasy, Free Realms, The Matrix Online, Star Wars, Vanguard, and the first ever shooter MMO Planetside. All of these games had thriving communities. Even Sony’s worst MMO The Matrix Online lasted over four years before the servers were shut down.

So the question becomes why would Sony recruit so much world-renowned talent, a mega license like DC Comics, and put their name on a product that they plan to let fail?

They don’t. PC gamers already know this and a lot of them are willing to pay $200 for lifetime memberships to clarify that.

The truth is public perception has been damaged by the throngs of casual console gamers who have no clue what they are talking about. The penchant to elevate the negative aspects above history, facts, and obviously strong support for DC Universe Online is appalling. It is unprofessional and short-sighted for any blogger, gaming journalist, or person to belittle any property before an official review.

  • Good article. I agree, people are complaining way too early. However, they do have a point in a few areas. The game has changed its release date to January. This might have put worry into peoples heads because they believe the final product will be just like the beta. I myself enjoy the beta, but I am not willing to fork out 15 dollars a month. Mainly because Im not sure how long this game will be supported. The obvious choice is to go with the lifetime membership, but again, how long will this game be supported?

  • well said!

    people just play the game without reporting bugs, ideas and feedbacks to the devs.

    Anyway it doesn’t matter, their fate has been decided because the game will be released Jan 2011 and game went gold early Dec.

    I just think they should have released the beta early, it’s because of Sony and their greed with PSN+.
    Not many people were subscribed to PSN+ and devs really needed more testers so they had to send out keys to people who signed up for the beta early when it was announced. This was exactly how I got my beta keys which I signed up for ages ago.

    I for one know I may not be playing this, £12 a month is too much for me. I’ll rather play this on PC. Since I know less people might play this on ps3. I was forced to become a Villain in the beta because there were less villains and more heroes. No villains would even look out for heroes and defend them. In fact it was the other way round! Heroes were the ones looking out for villains, defending them and gang banging us!

  • selits

    I played the beta some and did enjoy it but not enough to pay the monthly fee and feel like I would play enough to get my money’s worth.

    After 5-6 years of FFXI, its hard for me to get into any MMO atm and after hyping up FFXIV and it sucking, I don’t plan to purchase any MMO at launch (except Star Wars Old Republic!)

  • I’m also in the group of people who absolutely enjoyed the Beta on PS3, but won’t be buying due to the monthly subscription fee.

    I think the game is fantastic. Very little has to be fixed aside from some shoddy animations at certain times (flying and climbing), and being able to join group members in their quests. I quickly got addicted to the gameplay. It’s like an open world Marvel Ultimate Alliance/X-Men Legends game, gameplay wise, just with a different camera angle.

    I really do wish I could say I’m buying DCU. Not only is it a great game, but I’ve been wanting to get into a MMO on a console for YEARS. But truth be told, I’d NEVER pay $15 a month to play any game ON TOP of the $60 for the game itself. I’d GLADLY pay $60 for DCUO on PS3, and I’d buy any expansions, But I’m not paying $15 a month on top of that.

    The only way I’d ever pay such a high sub-fee is if the game itself were a free download. SOE should have made DCUO free to play with micro-transactions. I think they would have made FAR more money from DCUO that way……particularly from console gamers.

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    I agree with the whole pay for the game and then get nothing agrument. It has gotten better over the years.

    They do include a free month of play in the package but i believe 3 months would be a more satisfactory compromise.

    They charge for the game because it contains the initial content. I remember playing WoW on private servers when I didn’t feel like paying the monthly fee. I had all the original content on the disc available to me so in retrospect, I’m still getting content I own.

    Charging for the initial disc is not the problem to me. The cost is entirely too high. I would think they would at least give the PSN + members an additional month if they pre-order or some kind of benefit.

    Unforunately, MMOs won’t change because PC gamers have grown accustomed to the status quo. Final Fantasy XI and Phantasy Star Online were both the same way on consoles. I played both and didn’t think twice about it at the time.

    As far as support goes, Sony always supports their MMOs. This is DC Comic property. They never leave stuff unfinished. It would tarnish the integrity of both companies’ products.

    Rest assured, the game will be supported. According to Sony, they will update it every month. With their track record, I have no reason to doubt them.

  • kgenigma

    15$ a month, for this freezing crap? no way!

  • Mr.Jigglyjuggs

    $14.99/mo is not warranted for what I saw in this Beta. Yes, and even though it is “just a beta”, I fear that this plan to overcharge and make a lightning quick ROI is doomed to fail. I can easily find plenty of other, better MMO’s that cost less (or nothing at all) to play, and reward more. Sony should have dropped this concept at birth like a pair of Superman sized kryptonite underwear.

    • Tazz

      lolz@jigglyjuggs fail2troll you don’t see anything worth $14.99 a month because your broke ass wont get off the couch long enough to go to the mall and suck $15 worth of dick to pay for it. All this World class talent working on the game and some broke ass retard thinks he knows anything. I am sure you will find a good job paying you what you are worth as soon as you find a job that pays you in shit.

      • Mr.Jigglyjuggs

        Blindly hiring talent does not ensure greatness. Enjoy overpaying for your mediocre product, this game was made with people like you in mind Tazz.

        • TheL1T1G4T0R

          How is this blindly hiring talent?

          How many MMO or better yet how many free games have you played where you can see more than 500 human controlled characters in the same map all at the same time?

          Not even MAG does that.

          • Mr.Jigglyjuggs

            Blindly hiring the greatest artists and writers in the world will not guarantee a great title, the collaboration also requires great direction and a uniqueness of vision. IMO there is nothing special about this game that justifies the planned price gouging. \End Rant.

    • TheL1T1G4T0R

      If Wow…one of the most engrossing MMOs of all time can get away with it and make a whole bunch of money, why not?

      You’re failing to understand that DC Universe Online is more ambitious than even WoW. They’re trying to cover two platforms with the same game.

      It’s been done before with Final Fantasy XI. Sony actually did it.

      There’s not many people that know who Thrall is but I bet you won’t hear too many people that don’t know who Superman is.

      The game will be fixed. I understand the complaints. But once again I submit to your attention the variables. Do you know how many things these developers have to consider to find solutions to the crashing problem?

      Is the problem server side or client side? Is it restricted to older PS3s or slim PS3s? Are certain ISPs throttling their user’s connection to the game? Are the servers calculated to handle the correct server loads? Are gamers using wireless connections more prone to the disconnects? Are certain glitches triggering the disconnects?

      The more detailed information they get from beta testers, the more stuff they can rule out.

      Unfortunately, they did wait too late to get the beta extended.

  • oldassgamer

    I like the game, but I won’t pay $15 a month for it. I think this is a big miscalculation by Sony to charge console gamers a monthly fee for one game, especially if said gamers are already paying for PS+.