50 Cent to help 3D Glasses and TVs Take off in 2011

50 cent is at it again with another huge investment that seems to have tons of dollar signs written all over it. In 2007, the Queens rapper made 100 million dollars after Coca-Cola bought out Glacéau Vitamin water in which 50 cent had become a heavy investor and promoter a few years before.

This time around 50 cent, makes a risky investment in technology, as he recently became an investor and shot-caller of Gunnar Optiks, a company that focuses on 3D glasses and “digital performance eyewear,”.

Some of the eye wear is made to help reduce eye strain from starring at LCDs for long periods of time, while others are much like the new type of 3D glasses that are used to watch 3D content on new 3D supported TVs –but of course with some style.

After Gucci had recently released their very own line of 3D glasses, I knew 3D would start taking off, but now that 50 cent got it in on this 3D technology, we should start seeing some new promotional campaigns for 3D everything this coming year.

The Gunnar 3D glasses will range from $75-200