XMEN Arcade Review

Game: XMEN Arcade
Genre: Action
System: XBOX 360
Review by: Illmatic

Konami has listened to fans and has finally brought one of the best arcade games of all time to Xbox Live and Playstation Network. XMEN Arcade is a 6 player co-op game that has players trying to bring down Magneto. We all know this is one of the greatest arcade games ever created. The real question is, does this game still hold the torch that it once did ages ago?

Gameplay: XMEN Arcade stays true to its beat-em up roots in terms of gameplay. It has all of the mechanics that made early 90’s arcade games great. XMEN Arcade lets you take control of you favorite Xmen superhero, that is, if your favorite superhero happens to be; Cyclops, Wolverine, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Storm or Dazzler. I chose Wolverine to complete my first play-through. Upon loading up XMEN, I was immediately reminded of awesome childhood memories. I started up an Xbox Live match because this game was meant to be played co-operatively. I had no trouble finding a match and within a minute or two I was time warped back to the 90’s. There are two types of attacks; regular and mutant. Your mutant power will lower you health by 3 bars, however it will deliver a powerful attack in return. I experienced no lag during my online play, even with 6 player co-op. The main object of the game is to beat up every foe in sight to get past each stage, bringing you one step closer to bringing down Magneto. The gameplay has remained untouched since its original release. There are 7 stages for players to complete, each with a boss battle at the end.

Graphics: For the most part, the graphics in XMEN Arcade have remained the same. It looks like there was some upscaling and smoothing done, but nothing that completely changes the way the game was meant to be played. Old fans and newcomers will welcome the visual effect in this game with open arms.

Sound: When I first loaded up the game I was expecting to hear the muffled voice acting that XMEN Arcade had back in the day. Sadly, the voices have been re-recorded. Although some of the sounds in XMEN Arcade have been redone, the classic ones have remained untouched. I kind of hoped that the sounds would have stayed 100% untouched.

Controls: There really isnt anything too complicated about the control scheme. Theres a button to punch, a button to jump, and a button to use your mutant power. The analog stick or D-pad can be used for movement. I chose the analog sticks for movement because the D-pad on the Xbox controller is horrible.

Wishes: The only thing that might be a concern for gamers is the length of the game. Because this was originally an arcade title, the game is really short. I completed the game in under 30 minutes on Expert difficulty. As I mentioned above, I wish all of the original sounds had been preserved.

TQ Bottom Line: Despite a few sound changes and short gameplay, this game is definitely worth the purchase price. This game is best enjoyed with 6 players over Xbox Live or 4 players locally. The inclusion of the Japanese version is an added bonus, although it is basically the same game with power-ups and health packs.

Final Score: 4 out of 5 Michelas!

XMEN Arcade
Developer: Konami, Backbone Entertainment
Publisher: Konami
Also Available On: PS3, Xbox 360
MSRP: $9.99