All These PS3 Deals Feel like a Price Drop is on its Way

Sony must be winning this holiday season with all these PS3 deals going around, look around, almost all major retail stores are offering some incredible deals on a brand new PlayStation 3. Everyone from Amazon, Walmart, Target and Best Buy are offering $75 plus on a new PS3. Today Amazon came back with another deal that is just to good to pass up. A sign of what’s to come in 2011? Or a sign of bad sales? Either way, right now would be a perfect time to jump on these PS3 deals.

Amazon is currently offering the deal of the Holiday: Order the PlayStation 3 160 GB and receive a $100 promotional credit toward the purchase of items shipped and sold by This is an incredible deal!

Best Buy Has another amazing deal where you get $100 back and 3 games with the Purchase of PS3 160GB:

Walmart is not left behind, they bring a $100 gift card with the purchase of a PS3 160GB.

  • Aust

    Those are pretty poxy, a $100 back and that’s it?

    In Australia you get free games and free controllers play tv and the move kit with a 360gig PS3 for $500AUD or less.

    • 360GB PS3?? Is that a Australia model only?

  • trendy

    He means 320GB