TQcast Episode 131

It’s TQ Time! TQcast is back with another show to get you update on the latest gaming, tech and everything else news and topics.(1:38)

On today’s Show:

– Is OnLive Gaming the Future of Gaming?
– VGA Awards: TQ Thoughts.
– Do we want Backward Compatibility?
– Kush Review
– And some crazy Random shit that will make you burp and fart at same time!
– All that plus much more!

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TQcast back with it’s audio cast, but now TQcast has incorporated LIVE video during each show as well as a recorded version of Audio and video on TQcast.com on the same night!

If you would like to call TQcast LIVE, make sure you add us on skype “techquila” we are LIVE every Wednesday 6:30pm PST at allgames.com and TQcast.com if you are too shy to call us or leave us a voice mail (951)282-SHOTS, chat with us at chat.allgames.com

  • Awesome show guys. That new host is good, probably the best out right now. I can honestly say he reminds me of leo laporte. 🙂 great job illmatic.

    NOTE: this is not illmatic 🙂

  • lol. I would have believed you if you wouldn’t have mentioned “as good as Leo Laporte”. Good try Marc, we all know Denoch is the stud of the show.

    aha jotillo!

  • it was worth a try

  • ‘Joe

    Not saying that the new tqcast is bad but what happened to desz & juice did they just retire no offense but its not the same tq without them the energy’s gone.-TQ Joe