PlayStation Home on Your Cell Phone or PSP2…Why Not?

While photos and information about the next iteration of the PlayStation Portable have leaked online, most people remain skeptical about Sony’s next attempt at mobile gaming. The situation is made even more obtuse with both the PlayStation Phone being rumored now as a high end Xperia tentatively named “Zeus Z1” and PSP2 making for a potentially fragmented gaming platform. However, access to PlayStation Home on all devices could not only bridge the gap but change mobile gaming forever.TQC

What do you really know about Home? According to latest statistics on the PlayStation Blog, the massive online world has over 7,000 virtual items, 600 events, and 236 games to play. There are so many public spaces and privates homes to experience. Then there are the giant developer spaces like Sodium, EA Sports, and Sega which are constantly growing and changing.

But most important is the social aspect of Home. Large communities of people are gathering in clubhouses and creating side games that require members to hunt for answers with their peers. More than 17 million people actually use their service. That’s quite astonishing considering there were less than a half a million users 2 years ago.

No handheld device, portable console or cell phone, offers a social experience like Home. Unfortunately the Room beta which was the apparent PSP version of Home was canceled back in April but maybe not for the reasons initially conceived.

With the dawning of “4G” speeds on mobile devices and the PSP2 with rumored touch screen and dual analog support, why can’t these devices connect to PlayStation Home? Both controls and connectivity become less of a problem. Surely the PSP2 would follow in the steps of the PSPgo with the ability to tether to a cell phone via Bluetooth.

So again…what is stopping Sony from making this happen? PlayStation Home is perfect for the handheld experience and could serve as a major selling point over the 3DS. Without spending any extra cash, PSP2 and mobile device owners alike would have access to a plethora of mini games and experiences that only strengthen the great games on the PS3.

Perhaps it’s a pipedream but when you consider that over 30 million people are connected to PSN on the PS3 and that people are going nuts over Angry Birds, PlayStation Home would be a massive social gaming hit. Talk to your friends via Bluetooth, explore the world, attend official events on the go, or gather clues for a upcoming murder mystery game. Perhaps you would rather decorate your personal spaces or re-arrange your wardrobe. Sony could even arrange a deal with Groupon, Facebook Deals, or Places so gamers could check-in or pre-order from certain stores to get special items in Home.

The possibilities are endless and the risk is very minute. If gamers choose not to use it, so be it. But for those people who don’t spend every waking second on their PS3, this could be just the ticket to make the PlayStation Portable series more appealing to casual and hardcore gamers.

  • Great article Lit. It would be awesome to have Home on my phone. Consequently if that were to happen I could say goodbye to my social life. 🙁

  • Good shit Litigator! I can really see Home as part of the PS app. During the time I was addictive to home, I was always wanting to log in and check my messages to see what friends had to say about that’s nights gathering. Even if it’s a slimmer version of Home, perhaps access to your own space would be great. They also need some sort of “Heytell” function, so we can voice chat with our Home crew.

  • SilverTM

    It’s a good idea but I wonder if it’s possible. Home requires quite a bit of hard drive space for every new space you enter. Either that or loading times will be a bitch. Both would be a concern on a portable device. Too, if you’re using it to socialize on the go, Facebook and Twitter are much more lightweight and are accessible to people that don’t have a PSN account.

    Having said that, I’d still like to see it done because, why not?