Beat Unboxing: OnLive Game System

Check out the Beat Unboxing Video after the break

OnLive Game System.

The OnLive Game System retails for $99.00 with a free game included. Combine that with the $9.99/month PlayPack subscription and you got yourself a complete gaming system ready to go online and Instantly play, watch, demo, choose and share the games you want.

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  • V8Supercars

    Quality Video, great resolution and clarity in the camera, wicked beats PP, and the OnLive looks so sexy, i so want this shiznit, i hope it is a success in the states so they venture out and bring that service down under.
    Please Please post up a preview or review of it and how the system works as a whole and not cause its not outputting at 10billion80P and has a bit of lag in some game but a good rundown on its awesome features like watching other gamers while they are playing and your profile and friends lists and the Brag page? seen no feedback on these great feature just ppl bitchin online as normal.

  • Denoch

    Excellent quality on the unboxing video, i was so impressed by it. The beats from Pat Preezy are great as always.
    Onlive looks so shiny and small, its almost suprising that we can play from that , of course most of it is via the internet but i cant believe that the technology is getting better.

  • That ending beat by Pat was the icing to the cake, his shit is getting better and better every time.

  • Pat Preezy

    I appreciate you giving me some shine Desz. I am very interested in this OnLive thing.

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