Chainsaw Zombie Slaughter iPhone Review

Game: Chainsaw Zombie Slaughter
Genre: Action
System: iPhone
Review By: Illmatic

Tomato Interactive has brought us a zombie game for the iPhone that is quite unique, considering all of the zombie games that we have seen on the iPhone. Chainsaw Zombie Slaughter is not only unique, but it is also very addicting. Does Tomato Interactive’s title have what it takes to topple all of the iPhone zombie games, or will it eventually get lost in the catalog of zombie titles?

Gameplay: Chainsaw Zombie Slaughter is a game in which zombies are falling from the sky and it is your job to chainsaw the hell out of them. This game is basically a survival game in which you try to survive as many waves of zombies as possible. Your main weapon is of course a chainsaw, but you may also pick up power ups such as shotguns and pistols. There really isn’t a story in the game, making this a great pick up and play type of zombie game. There are zombies falling from the sky and you must move your character around so that the zombies get slaughtered by your chainsaw. The more zombies you slaughter, the bigger the pile gets. The bigger the pile gets, the closer you get to the top of the building. Once you reach the top of the building you are done with the stage. If a zombie touches you, you lose a life. You are given three lives when you start the game

Graphics: The graphics in Chainsaw Zombie Slaughter are pretty crisp. There are a few different character models in the game, but nothing mind blowing. I did notice that the edges in the game were really smooth, I cant remember a time where I saw jagged edges. Although the graphics are really simple, I think it fits the game perfectly.

Sound: Chainsaw Zombie Slaughter has some pretty funny voice work in the game. Im not sure if the developers tried to record the voice acting as cheesy as possible but it definitely goes with the fast paced gameplay. There is music in the game, however it is the same track played over and over. This is not such a bad thing because the song is very catchy. I often found myself humming the track during the day.

Controls: This game is very easy to control. You control your character by tilting the iPhone left and right. To fire your weapons, you just tap the left or right side of the iPhone’s screen. I’ve played a lot of games that try to emulate the same type of tilt controls, however, Chainsaw Zombie Slaughter is the most precise of the games I’ve played so far.

Wishes: I wish there was more musical tracks in this game. Although the one that is used is catchy, it does get quite repetitive. I also would like a way to regain some of my lives. This game gets extremely hard in the later stages and can be quite frustrating when you lose a life. The game also gets pretty repetitive. Maybe the developers could have implemented a few quick mini-games to put some life into the game.

TQ Bottom Line: Despite the above mentioned wishes, this game is a pretty good deal at $0.99. You will definitely have fun with this game between breaks at work or school. Im looking forward to seeing what Tomato Interactive releases next.

Chainsaw Zombie Slaughter
Developer: Tomato Interactive
System: iPhone
MSRP: $0.99