The Only PS3 Title That Doesn’t Need Kevin Butler’s Marketing Skills

Just about 1 year before Uncharted 3 releases and the hype has reached levels the franchise hasn’t reached before. Surely, every video game needs some sort of marketing, but the way Sony and Naughty Dog are putting this Uncharted 3 marketing together, is too good for even, Mr. Kevin Butler himself.

Right now, if you sign up to received e-mail updates via the Uncharted website, you will be honored with a Free Uncharted 3 PS3 Static Theme. Now, how is that for marketing? One year before the game releases and free Uncharted 3 stuff is already being given away?. This might be Sony’s biggest marketing push, with a surprisingly lead start. Something tell us, that Naughty Dog is very confident that Uncharted 3 is looking quite well right now. Why couldn’t the marketing be this way for GT5? Because they weren’t confident enough, perhaps?

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