Pinball FX2 Review

Game: Pinball FX2
Genre: Pinball
System: Xbox 360
Review by: Illmatic

Zen Studios has finally brought us the sequel to their franchise; Pinball FX. Pinball FX wasn’t really received well by critics and earned mediocre scores all across the board. With the release of Pinball FX 2, Zen Studios has a lot to prove if they want to be the ultimate Pinball Wizard.

Biolab Table

Gameplay: For this review I will be reviewing the Pinball FX2 Core Collection of tables. The core collection features four tables from a couple of random places. With the tables you’ll get to visit places like the bottom of the sea, a mad scientists laboratory, even Rome! The gameplay is similar to any pinball game you’ve ever played, but with a special touch courtesy of Zen Studios. Zen Studios has made it a point to stand out from the cheap imitators when it comes to changing the way we play pinball virtually. Each table has specific tasks that you can do to rack up a huge score. There are also animations (such as Romans fighting each other) that can be triggered by completing certain tasks. The multiplayer in Pinball FX2 is done surprisingly simple yet very challenging. Players can challenge other players on XBOX LIVE to see who can rack up the set number of points first.

Pasha Table

Graphics:The biggest improvement in Pinball FX2 from its predecessor are the visuals. The graphics are crisp and the lights are colorful and bright. Another thing to note is the incredible detail that was put into these tables. When playing the Roman table I was very impressed with the colors and animations. Pinball FX2 is hands down the best looking pinball game.

Rome Table

Sound: The sounds in Pinball FX2 aren’t the best. While they do sound nice, I think there is a lot that can be improved on in this category. The sound effects sound somewhat generic with tired music playing in the background. With a game that looks this good it kind of make you wonder why the developers didn’t keep that same level of detail with awesome sound.

Controls: Pinball FX2 is a pinball game so there is nothing difficult to control here. The flippers are activated with the triggers while the table can be nudged by moving the analog sticks.

Secrets of the Deep

Wishes: The only thing I feel that needs to be changed here is the sound. The music can get very boring and repetitive, which is a big no-no in a game like this. Another wish would be for a Dinosaur table, but hey, thats just me.

TQ Bottom Line: Pinball FX2 is the best pinball game that I have played to date. The improved physics and complete graphical overhaul make this title a great choice for pinball enthusiasts looking for some virtual pinball fun. Aside from the sound issues, this is a great title that players will find countless hours of re-playability in. Pinball FX2 earns 4 Michelas out of 5.

Pinball FX2
Developer: Zen Studios
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
MSRP: $9.99