MARVEL Pinball Review

Game: MARVEL Pinball
Genre: Pinball
System: Xbox 360
Review by: Illmatic

MARVEL Pinball is a table expansion for Pinball FX2 or a standalone title if you are gaming on a PS3. The set includes four tables featuring some of our favorite MARVEL super heroes. Zen Studios has been pretty consistent with the quality of the tables they have released so far. Can Zen Studios give these tables the justice that they deserve, or has Zen Studios winning streak come to an end?

Ironman Table

Gameplay: MARVEL Pinball is not your typical pinball game. Zen Studios has always added a little extra touch to each table that they release. Each one of these MARVEL tables contains specific objectives that can be completed to give your score a huge boost ; carrying out these objectives also triggers some pretty awesome animations. The feature that truly makes these tables stand out is the different objectives and side quests that each table has. The objectives are not the same for all of the tables; so you don’t have to worry about getting burned out with the same missions over and over again. There is also online multiplayer built into the game. The multiplayer portion of MARVEL Pinball is pretty unique. Basically its a race against other players to get to a set score first, sound easy? ITS NOT. You would be amazed with how many skilled pinball players I lost to during my multiplayer experience.

Blade Table

Graphics: MARVEL Pinball really stands out from any other pinball game you’ve ever played. The amount of detail that the developers put into creating these tables is unreal. Everything from the character models to the shadows, it all looks awesome. Lighting is also done really well, especially in the Blade table. One of the key objectives in the Blade table is to help Blade regain his strength before the sun comes up. The Blade table starts out during the middle of the night, so there is this dark and grim vibe you get. As time passes the sun comes up and the table is no longer dark. Watching the transition from night to day in a pinball game was really cool.

Spider-Man Table

Sound: MARVEL Pinball wouldn’t be an awesome pinball game without great sound. The sound effects in MARVEL Pinball are on point and the voice acting is done exceptionally well, with the exception of Wolverine; his voice acting was kind of cheesy. The added sound effects that happen during an animation really make the table come to life.

Controls: As you can imagine there arent a whole lot of buttons to press in MARVEL Pinball. You use the triggers to activate the left and right flippers while the analog sticks are used to nudge the table. On a side note, I did find myself using a little unnecessary force on the triggers, I guess I was trying to emulate being at a real pinball table.

Wolverine Table

Wishes: The only wish I have would be a Gambit table. Gambit has always been my favorite MARVEL character and for some reason he doesn’t make too many appearances in MARVEL games. Aside from Gambit, I couldn’t ask for anything more.

TQ Bottom Line If you are a fan of pinball games than this is definitely a must have set of tables for you. If you are a MARVEL fan but not a huge pinball fan than this is definitely a must have set of tables for you. Basically, if you are alive and breathing than you should probably buy this. MARVEL Pinball easily earns a PERFECT 5 Michelas. It’s celebration time!

MARVEL Pinball
Developer: Zen Studios
Publisher: Zen Studios
Systems:Xbox 360 (Reviewed), PS3
MSRP: $9.99