Namco Museum Megamix Review

Game: Namco Museum Megamix
Genre: Arcade, Compilation
System: Nintendo Wii
Review By: Illmatic

Namco has released another collection of the classic games most of us grew up playing. Namco Museum Megamix adds 6 remixed versions of classic Namco titles, as well as full versions of 18 classic titles. Is this the final and definitive collection of games you should own, or has Namco repackaged a collection of games we have seen before with new box-art and a new title?

Gameplay: The concept of this title is simple; repackage a collection of games previously released and add one new remixed game. The original arcade titles included in this compilation are titles we have seen and played before so there is no need to review each one of these games, considering nothing has changed. Namco Museum Megamix also offers 6 remixed games all staring the most iconic mascot, Pac Man. For this review I will go over each remixed title separately.

Pac n’ Roll: Pac n’ Roll is a rehashed Nintendo DS game. The object of the game is to collect pellets which in turn open up gates that allow you to exit the stage. There are enemies scattered throughout the stages, but eating a power pellet gives Pac Man the ghost eating power we have all become familiar with. Graphically, Pac n’ Roll isn’t so bad, if you enjoy Dreamcast games. The graphics do look a little dated, even by Nintendo Wii standards. The controls in this game are also nothing to write home about. You control Pac Man’s movement with the Nunchuck, which isnt as easy as it sounds. You will find that controlling Pac Man is really frustrating.

Galaga: Galaga is remixed in a way that should have been the main reason to buy this game. Sadly, the remix falls short of entertaining and gets boring very quickly. The remixed version of Galaga is an on-rails shooter that places Pac Man in outer-space battling evil aliens and monsters. Players control the aiming reticle with the Wii-Mote. When I first started playing this I was quickly entertained and I couldn’t wait to see what direction Namco was taking this. Well apparently Namco wasn’t taking it anywhere as the gameplay never changed a bit, it was the same thing stage after stage. The visuals in Galaga Remix are probably the best of all six remixed games. The colors are nice and bright and looks like a fun arcade type shooter. As I mentioned earlier, this game had a lot of potential to unfold into a very entertaining game. The controls worked fine for this game, but even awesome controls and decent graphics can’t save a game from its impending doom.

Pac Motos: Now here is a fun game. Pac Motos places Pac Man on a board game style platform. Your objective is to knock all of the enemies off of the board. In certain levels you can collect power-ups such as power improvements and speed improvements. These power-ups can be banked and used at a later time when you might really need them, like during a boss battle. The graphics in Pac Motos aren’t the best of the collection, but the entertaining gameplay more than makes up for them. The controls are simple and I found it very easy to maneuver Pac Man around the game board, which was a surprise considering the controls for most of the remixed titles are bad.

Grobda: This game is easily one of the worst games in the remixed collection. You take on the role of Pac Man in a tank as you try to blast your way to a high score. This game is basically a score attack style game with no real rules except to rack up as much points in the allotted time limit. The graphics are similar to Pac Motos, so their really isn’t any eye candy for you here. The controls are very bad, which left me frustrated the whole time I was playing. The tank that Pac Man is driving is very tricky to maneuver around the tiny map. For some reason the enemies know how to maneuver themselves with precision.

Rally X: I was really looking forward to this remix. It looked like it had a lot of potential but like most of the remixed titles on the disc it fell flat on its face. The object of Rally X is to navigate your way around a maze collecting checkpoint flags. As you progress through the stages the objective gets a little trickier. Enemies are scattered in the maze and checkpoints must be collected in a certain order. The graphics are pretty good here, nothing stellar yet nothing atrocious. The stages are nice and colorful with quite a few environments to roam around in. Now you may be asking yourself; “well how does this game fall flat on its face, it actually sounds fun?”. Well it would be fun if it wasn’t plagued by a horrible control scheme. The turning mechanics are in one word, broken. The steering is so bad that it almost forces you not to play.

Gator Panic: Gator Panic is your typical Whack A Mole type game. Your main objective is to whack all of the gators that pop out of their holes and accumulate a ton of points. The gameplay is simple and very addicting at first, however it gets old rather quickly. The graphics in Gator Panic are very reminiscent to an arcade game you’d see at Chuck E Cheese in the mid 90’s. The controls in this game are handled quite well. You use the analog stick on the Nunchuck to navigate to which gator you want to whack, then you slam the Wii-Mote down and whack the gator on the head. The gameplay gets tiresome after a while, but this is one game that children will have a blast with.

Final Thoughts: This collection is basically a repackaged version of Namco Museum Remix, only giving us one truly new game. The bad controls and dated graphics make this game a tough purchasing decision. The bright side to purchasing this compilation is the inclusion of all the classic arcade titles. Namco Museum Megamix earns 2.5 Michelas out of 5.

Namco Museum Megamix
Developer: Namco Bandai
Publisher: Namco Bandai
MSRP: $19.99