Babysitting Mama Review

Game: Babysitting Mama
Genre: Simulation
System: Wii
Review by: Illmatic

The Mama franchise has been a huge success for female gamers. Being a male gamer I can truthfully tell you that I have had fun with the previous Mama games. When Babysitting Mama was announced I secretly wanted to play it but I was kind of skeptical as to how it would play, considering it requires a very unique peripheral..a doll.

Gameplay: Babysitting Mama is a game that simulates taking care of a baby. You use a doll peripheral to play through mini-games that simulate real life activities. Ill be honest, at first I felt a little funny playing with the doll for the mini-games, considering I’m a 24 year old male. After a while I no longer focused on how I looked but rather how I could improve my score in the mini-games. There are tons of mini-games to play through, many of which will only be enjoyable for the intended audience. Babysitting Mama is an awesome simulator for young girls to practice their future babysitting skills.

Graphics: The graphics in Babysitting Mama are very similar to the graphics we have seen in previous Mama games. Its basically Japanese style animated characters blended with a plethora of bright colors. I have always appreciated the art style that the Mama franchise has brought to its games, particularly because of its character models and awesome color scheme. Babysitting Mama stays true to its roots and brings the same art style that fans of the series will enjoy.

Sound: The sounds in Babysitting Mama got a little bit repetitive. The voice acting is very reminiscent to any japanese arcade style game. The sounds in this title are not going to blow you away, but once again, I think the intended audience wont mind the repetitive sound effects and boring voice acting.

Controls: Here is the part we have all been waiting for. The controls in Babysitting Mama are flawless. The doll that the game comes with is the main control for the game. You insert the Wii-Mote into the back of the doll and hold the doll as you would an actual baby. There are times when you will be using the Nunchuck to simulate baby tools, such as a rattle or a bottle.

Wishes: There isn’t much that I would wish for in Babysitting Mama. Its a fun game for the intended audience and I think young girls will really have a lot of fun with this title.

Final Thoughts: Babysitting Mama is a fun game filled with mini-games and other fun types of activities. Young girls will have a blast with this title and when they are not playing the game on their Wii, there is a bonus; the doll can be used as a standalone toy! Babysitting Mama earns a 3.5 Michellas out of 5 rating.

Babysitting Mama
Developer: Majesco
Publisher: Majesco
Available on: Nintendo Wii
MSRP: $49.99

  • mmmmm

    So this is a game where you simulate going out to a nice restaurant with your wife and then come home and pay a babysitter $10 and send her on her way..right?.

  • joe