All Kinect Games $10 off Right Now & PlayStation Move Sold Out?

The battle of motion gaming between Sony and Microsoft just got a bit more interesting. All Kinect games are currently $10 off and Amazon has just listed the PlayStation Move bundle “Sold Out”.

**Update** PS Move Starter Bundle with Sports Champion and Camera back in stock! PlayStation Move Starter Bundle

Let’s get the Sony PlayStation Move out of the way, first. Is it really sold out, is the demand that high for PS Move? As you can see the PlayStation Move Starter Bundle is listed “Sold Out” via Amazon. Wow. The stand alone move controller is still currently available.

Now, Kinect titles get $10 off today and today only via Amazon, here is a list of the titles below:


Kinect Joy Ride

Kinect Sports

Your Shape Fitness Evolved

Dance Central

Deca Sports Freedom

Fighters Uncaged

Zumba Fitness – Kinect


MotionSports: Play For Real

Sonic Free Riders

So how about the Kinect? Well it seems that even Amazon is not selling the Kinect directly from them, but other online retailers are offering a much higher price. Kinect

So which motion system is leading the way this Holiday season; Sony or Microsoft? And BTW, the Nintendo Wii sold 600,000 units during this year’s Black Friday, alone.