TQcast Episode 129

An all new TQcast with an all new crew! tK and TQ are now one show and bring you the latest and greatest in technology, video games, movies, music and much more!! (1:34)


On today’s Show:

– Black Friday Special
– Fleshlight Round Table
– Where the fuck is all the Gran Turismo 5 Marketing
– Is the EVO the best Smart phone today?
– Pink Toe text messages answered.
– All that plus much more!

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TQcast back with it’s audio cast, but now TQcast has incorporated LIVE video during each show as well as a recorded version of Audio and video on TQcast.com on the same night!

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  • aholic

    Hey what happened to juice? The Show is only half as entertaining without him.

    • Juice is now working for CNN -El Salvador. Actually, Juice as he mentioned on previous shows, is concentrating on school and his job. Making things happen.

  • aholic

    Ah ok, thats good for him, all the best. I will still miss the dude though. Anyway keep up the good work fellas, still love TQ, its the best podcast around.