Microsoft Offers Xbox 360/Kinect Bundle at Incredible Low Price

Ok, this can be a sign of what’s to come for Microsoft. An Incredible Xbox 360/Kinect bundle deal that is cheaper than any thing the competition is offering.

Microsoft Store
has Xbox 360 4GB Slim Console with Kinect Bundle for $300 – 10% off code TNSGIFT10 = $270 with free shipping. Thanks Slick Deals!


* Xbox 360 4GB Slim Console
* Kinect Sensor for Xbox 360
* Kinect Adventures game
* Xbox 360 Black Wireless Controller
* Xbox 360 Composite A/V cable (standard definition)
* 1-month Xbox LIVE Gold Membership

  • Carl

    there are cheaper brand new xbox slims than this

  • diesel

    How the hell is this at an incredible price? Because you save $30? Cmon.

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  • jak d ripr

    Isnt that still 100 bucks more expensive than the red wii that comes with new super mario bros(a far superior game might i add)? Not that much of a good deal if you put it in perspective methinks.

  • kinbroken

    If that came with a free 100-250 gig hard drive and a ps-move type of move controller to use with kinect and some patches for some fps’ and other games then that would be a great deal!!!. (I am no fanboy of sony. I have a 360 but think that kinect is broken without a next-gen controller like the move to go along with it.)

  • Shadowstar

    Ummm… so I was going to go get this, and trying to figure out where the code goes… and I found this.
    “Note: Excludes PCs, Xbox consoles & phones.”

    So does this code actually work?

    • Hey Shadow, they could have changed it, we had 2 people buy it yesterday with no problems. We have some more coming right now.