Where The Fu** is all the Gran Turismo 5 Marketing?

The most anticipated game of the decade according to Sony is out tomorrow and the marketing for the game appears to be non-existing. What is wrong here?

How can Sony allow this to happen? By now I would have expected Gran Turismo 5 to be on every 7-11 cup, commercial and billboard. My 70 year old co-worker knows what a Kinect and Black Ops is, as a matter of fact, my friend’s mom went to the COD: Black Ops midnight launch, just because of the hyped up advertising, yet GT5 appears to be just another game release that nobody, but the true gamers, video game sites and fans of the series know about. Why the fu** is Sony shooting themselves on the foot? The hard core gamers know of its date, but that is only a small percentage of the gaming population. Did they happen to run out of funds for the advertising? We all know the game will do solid, thanks to its passionate fan base, but doesn’t Sony want to take Gran Turismo 5 to the next level of success?

Who’s with me? Come on…you know you get it. It’s the Detox of Gaming, but you still need some kind of advertising to appeal to new potential fans.

Here is the only GT5 commercial thus far. It will need more than Kevin Butler to brainwash the rest of the gaming population.

  • Lol Julios mom also went to the Black Ops midnight launch.

    I think Sony knows that even without advertising, the game is gonna sell ridiculous units.

  • V8SuperCars

    Im with you 100%, In Aus there is no advertising at all being done, nothing, no Kmart, Target, Big W, ebgames and many other stores, Not sure if its the delays caused enough hype as its almost sold out, or even Sony was unsure if the game was going to get delayed again and missed the boat?? what ever the case is its piss weak on Sonys behalf, damn shame as its been 5 year in the waiting and really needs to be put out there.

  • woot

    They obviously missed their slots. So they just have to get what they can. These are negotiated well in advance. With the delay of the game this messes up everyones plans. Although Sony dont advertise much anyway.

  • Mark

    They don’t need advertising, this is GRAN TURISMO for god’s sake! Even people who don’t like videogames know and respect what Gran Turismo has accomplished.

    This isn’t some second – hand garbage like Halo, Fable, Forza or Gears Of War, Gran Turismo will sell itself based on quality. Every major entry in the Gran Turismo franchise has sold 10 million units or over and this one will be no exception, the last – gen trash imitators like Need For Speed or Flopza can only dream of selling in the units Gran Turismo does.

  • hogman

    I think this marketing blunder is appalling. And because of it Gamestop has canceled their midnight release. this should be the biggest release of ps3 so far. yet only a few know. lame!