Vibras 5.1 Xbox 360 Headset Review – The Only 360 Certified Headset

Product: Vibras 5.1 Xbox 360 Headset
Category: Gaming, Audio
Price: $199.99 Amazon
Review by: Desz Martinez

When I heard that the Vibras 5.1 Xbox 360 headset was the only headset certified and licensed for the Xbox 360, With plenty of gaming headsets in the market, I was surprised that the Vibras 5.1; considering its specs, wasn’t all over the internet. So, how well do the Vibras 5.1 perform? Check out our video review below to find out.

Crisp sound
No distortion whatsoever, even at high volume.
True 5.1 Surround Sound
Comfortable, not too big.
Clever mic placement
The perfect complement for Halo: Reach. The game sounds incredible with these headsets.

Lack of bass
Some games just sounded empty, lack of air on the sound
Price! at $199.99 it is very hard to justify these vs other lowered priced headsets.
Only work with Xbox 360.

(3/3.5 Michelas? What does this mean?) 3 Michelas is like drinking 3 of your favorite drinks, and working on your 4th, you feel relaxed, happy and starting to socialize. Not quite at the peak of your buzz, but not far from it.

Headset Features

* 10 speakers in total (five speakers in each headset cup)
* Lightweight and comfortable for long-time use
* 5.1 Surround Sound Dolby Digital Technology
* Uniquely designed headset with sound-canal technology
* Adjustable headband
* Replaceable ear pad covers

Microphone Features

* Plugs directly into the Xbox 360 game controller
* Microphone is easily detachable from the headset
* In-line powered Amplifier control box with Volume control and Mute switch
* Lightweight and easily adjustable
* VOIP applications

System Components Included

* 5.1 Channel Surround Sound “Headset”
* Dolby Digital Technology “Decoder Box”
* Detachable “Microphone” with an in-line voice amplifier box
* Optical Fiber Cable (9.8 foot length)
* AC Power Supply (9.8 foot length)
* Headset “Ear Pad Covers” (one replacement set)


* Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system
* Xbox 360 video cable with Optical Port required
* Two AAA (not included) – For use with Xbox LIVE

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  • V8Supercars

    damn those things are expensive, nice review, if this was 2 year ago when i was gaming mad on my 360 i might have bought these beasts, they look the part and love the mic attachment.

  • Just got word that Fry’s Electronics sells them for $179.99. I think the right price for these would be $129.99 That is actually a very reasonable price. They are sexy, and the best part about them is the easy setup. And like I said play Halo: Reach with these, and you will want to buy ’em just for that.