Rumor: New NFL Blitz in the Works

Giant Bomb heard from a friend of a friend that a friend might know someone that might know something about an all new NFL Blitz game being developed by EA Tiburon studio. Wait…I thought Madden arcade was the new Blitz? Read some more secret shit from Giant Bomb’s sneaky, undercover ass right here.

  • Illmatic

    Ok first off, we dont want another Blitz thr League type game. We want Blitz to go back to its roots. If EA puts out a remake of the classic Blitz franchise that would be awesome

  • I think that’s what they are aiming for, considering NBA Jam’s return and success.

  • 1st day buy is all i have to say. I hope they dont try to add stuff to it… they should just keep it old school like on the N64… with HD graphics of course.