Damn Shame: Gran Turismo 5 Hits The Net, Over 20GBs

It shouldn’t be of no surprise that Gran Turismo 5 is now available for download on certain sites. With the PS3 jailbreak recently making it’s return, even the most popular PS3 games are being leaked days before its official release. But don’t expect this to be an easy download and install (for those attempting), besides the whopping 21GB file, you will be facing some firmware issues. Your best bet, buy the game!

It’s a damn shame that a triple A game that has been worked on for years is easily available to those with the ability to play backup PS3 games, but it should also be of no surprise and it would be stupid to think that it won’t happen. With today’s technology, every company releasing digital media should be expecting some loss due to pirating. At this point in the PS3’s life, it would behoove these video game companies to start adding exclusive content codes on the actual case of the game, with the content being a major function of the game. I know it might sound lame, but worth while rewards for actually buying the game is a must now a days, even when it’s the most “anticipated game” of the decade.

If you are looking for links to the download, sorry you won’t find them here.

Buy Gran Turismo 5!

  • V8Supercars

    Damn shame!

  • kain

    piratebay!!!!!!!!!! rules!!!!!!

    what did you expect not to get released publicly???

    love piravy hate dlc’s

    thats for all of you corporate f***s!!!

  • Eyad

    **c* yeah, Pirates FTW.

  • I won´t pirate PS3 at all. I really don´t want to risk my account and all the hassle with new fw´s in the future…no thanks! I´m gonna play this game for a long time and there will be new fw´s.
    So no thanks!

  • The Flying Dutchman

    Since when does 21gb stop pirates, yeearrrhhhhh!!

  • Cruncher

    I pirate thing I want from company or person I don’t care…

    Lady Gaga… Kind of cool but no way I will give her my money…

    Polyphony… I care and want them continue to develop amazing game so I will definitely buy the game ! If you don’t care about this game I mean if you just want to try it are play for 1 week… and don’t want the company develop gt6… don’t feel shame. Otherwise, if you pirate anyway you are just stupid !

  • Potedude

    If people pirate too many games then there is no money for devs and then no more games. Pirates are really biting the hand that feeds them. Dicks.

    But I guess no online for them which is a deal-breaker…

  • Chadwardenn

    If anybody is looking for a link


    There you go 😉

  • are you really surprised?

  • B H Obama

    I love how when a big 360 game is leaked to the net it is reported with glee and a smarmy tone of ” ha ha stupid microsoft”.

    But when a big PS3 game is leaked it is a damn shame?

    The bias runs deep in the gaming media these days. Your all like Fox news! And I hate Fox news.

  • GT5 sucks Balls