Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Collector’s Edition Unboxing Video

Another of Denoch’s unboxing

  • Nice unboxing, Denoch. Was there a soundtrack included?

  • Denoch

    It sure does, the Bonus Content includes the game soundtrack , Developer diary, digital sneak peek comic, and the making of AC

    • hey denoch i was wondering do u have to buy the game it self and the collectors edition box or just the collectors edition cause on the ubisoft website when i was going to order it it came to a total of $158 i believe. on the cart it had the game checked and the collectors edition box. how much did urs cost. Thanks

  • V8Supercars

    Hey Denoch, Nice unboxing video mate, I still have not finished AC2, im on the back foot, were does time go? LOL But nice one mate u make me want to go get it now.

  • Denoch

    @joanx i bought my game through Amazon and I bought it for 89.99 right before the release date, must have been a one day sale or something but it came with the game and all the extra goodies. Usually collectors items will go up in price especially if they are still wrapped and unopened. Also if you are buying the game through Ubisoft make sure that you added the Collectors Edition only, as the game comes inside already.