Haunted House XBLA Review

Haunted House is a remake of an original game that has that has undergone a graphical overhaul by developer, Atari. When I first loaded up Haunted House I was immediately excited to play it. The title screen and first few minutes of game play had me believing I was about to play a game similar to Luigi’s Mansion, boy was I wrong. Does this remake play homage to its dated relative, or will it scare away any and all players that come near it?

GamePlay: The game play in Haunted House is simple and rather repetitive. You are pitted in a pitch black maze and you must safely find your way out. Throughout each level there are a few enemies that you will encounter, each with their own specific way of being defeated. Along your journey you will come across many, many locked doors. It is your job to find specific keys that will unlock each door leading to your exit. Some doors require specific keys while others can be opened with a universal key. The game is presented entirely in the darkness. You must use the light that comes from candles, matches and lanterns to navigate your way through the dark mazes. Its quite fun at first, but gets severely annoying and tedious as the game drags on.

Graphics: As I mentioned above, the game is presented entirely in the darkness. The graphics that you are able to see however do look fairly nice. The colors when visible are rich and fit the color scheme and mood of the game quite well. This isn’t a very graphic intensive game as it looks very similar to any generic title you might find on the Nintendo Wii.

Sound: The sounds and music in Haunted House are exactly as you would expect from a title in this genre. The sounds are spooky and it has a scary soundtrack to go with it. There are a couple of unique surprises in regards to human voice overs in the game. For the most part, Haunted House plays the same sounds and songs throughout the title, making it an earache to have the volume turned up while playing.

Controls: The only thing this game really has going for it is its control scheme. The game is very easy to control, and the controls are tight and responsive. You control your character with the Analog sticks and only use 2 out of the 4 XBOX 360 face buttons.

Wishes: To be honest, the only wish I have is……to not have played this game. I wish the developers would have introduced some new and interesting game play mechanics, that might have saved this title from the obscene score that this game will be receiving. The game play gets very monotonous really quick. I would imagine the only person that would get any enjoyment out of this game is a child. I am a gamer who enjoyed playing Cooking Mama, and to find a game that I truly don’t like is rare, like Mr. Clean with hair.

Final Thoughts: I would recommend staying away from this game unless you have kids that are easily entertained, as they are the only ones that will make this purchase worthwhile. Boring game play and overused sounds mixed with a bad experience earns this title 1 Michela out of 5.

1 Michela is like heading to the bar after a long days work only to find that they are closed, leaving you pissed off and completely unsatisfied. It’s the same effect as someone giving you the finger directly to your face.

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  • Denoch

    I am glad i read the review before purchasing the game! o wow lol

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