Dasetup Episode 13 Starring TQstaff, V8SuperCars

It’s here, we have it, a TQcast exclusive! I have been waiting for this day to finally arrive and I tell you, it’s with great pleasure to introduce TQcast’s very own V8Supercars’ Video Game/Theater setup. I have seen images I have heard of his monstrous setup, but today we all get to see video of V8’s million dollar Australian setup! Bonza Mate!

  • Illmatic

    V8 can i move in with you pleaase!! Nice setup V8, everything is real clean with no wires.

  • V8, you seriously have the best setup in all TQcast history. This episode should on the Life Style of the Rich in Famous. Did the place come with the control panel on the wall, or did you install that? In the future, I would like a similar panel so I can control lighting, temperature, audio and security with it. My next project is creating a home theater. We have a spare room that really needs some love and I think it would make a great theater. Also, I want to install flush mounted speakers in my family room. The challenge is that I have a 2 story house and I don;t understand how to run the cable without drilling holes every 2 feet.

  • V8Supercars

    HAHAHA DESZ and illmatic, Thanks guys.
    The Whole house is pre wired from data cable, Speaker cables, Link cables, HMDI, VGA and Component cables pre wired to Projector and TVs as well as USB extender cable with booster pack, were my racing seat is so no cables from the Wheel, Keyboard or chargers to PS3
    One thing i didnt show was under the table were my controllers sit i have a Dual Firing Subwoofer, it has a rear facing sub and a down facing sub in the one box, the down facing sub is much tighter and designed to make you feel the bass while the rear facing is much more smooth, wired up to the sub is a bass vibrator by Aura same as a butt kicker if you know what that is and its mounted under the racing seat, so i feel every last ripple strip while racing or every thump i get from another car.
    The control on the wall was done by myself, the amp is running in zoned mode so the main unit has the PS3/360/Tivo and zone 2 is running the ipod, the controller controls the ipod volume to the house and i can select to have 3 zones playing ie Inside, front and backyard speakers, the aim is to get the Apple TV and use Iphone streaming so i can be anywhere in the house and change tracks, playlist, podcasts etc from my iphone using the control itunes app.
    I have a gas heater and my remote control controls it, so i can be sitting down in the lounge room and tune the heater on and change the temp ect, works great, but not setup for lights, tho my TV unit has been setup to be turned on and off with the remote.
    Overall im happy with setup and sound quality is simply amazing.
    My main goal was a wire free and clutter free setup.
    Next up i will show my Bedroom setup, its a neat little package i got in there running 5.1 and my second PS3.
    Desz im not sure about being a second story, i know it sucks big time and i was luck to be able to pre wire while in building stage.
    It might be a big job but a fake roof will do the trip you nail timber strips on the roof about 1″ thick, then run all cables then re-sheet over the strips to have a fake ceiling? or you could do the cut holes at every noggin feed wires then patch roof after as you siad, but its going to be a big job both ways, but worth it in the end i just hate cables showing.

  • Guru-007

    Nice setup V8. I’m going to have to fix up my media room. I see you will be kicking butt in GT5