Innovation Sony Might Be Envying Right Now: ‘Kinect’

With the holidays just around the corner everyone wants to experience the hottest gaming trend around. PlayStation Move had a slight advantage over Kinect due to its earlier release date. With both Kinect and Move out in the market, who will bring home the bacon this season and be crowned the King of motion controlled gaming?

PlayStation Move has been dubbed “An HD version of the Wii”. But just how accurate is this statement? We took a closer a look at the Move to see what truly makes it stand out from the Wii and what gives it an advantage over the Kinect.

PlayStation Move Pros:

HD graphics capable of displaying full 1080p.
Quality built product (expected from Sony)

PlayStation Move Cons:

Pricing – Its going to set you back around $120, which includes 1 controller, 1 navigation controller and the Sony Eye (Camera). (this price does not include a game)

Move is already outdated – The PlayStation Eye has been on the market for over a year now. You would think Sony would release a newer version to go hand in hand with the new Move controllers.

Lack of original games – Sports Champions, really Sony? We’ve already experienced lackluster titles like this on the Wii. Sure they may not be in HD, but we want something more than just HD versions of Wii games. We want some fresh new concepts, and I’m not talking about a patch that allows for Move capabilities in MAG.

Lighting issues – As I mentioned before, the PS EYE is outdated, and with outdated hardware there is always some major flaw. The flaw in the PS EYE is that it will not calibrate when bright lights are present. What if a family wants to come together and play a game in the living room, too bad. The PS EYE has major issues whenever it is in a room with adequate lighting.

With the announcement of Kinect, many people were skeptical as to how this technology would work. However since its official launch, Kinect has been picking up a lot of steam and sales are skyrocketing. Microsoft recently increased their initial sales predictons for Kinect from 2 million to 5 million units sold.

Kinect Pros:

Pricing – At $149.99 including a game, Kinect is a bargain. This is going to be a huge factor in determining what peripheral families will be purchasing this holiday season.

Games – Kinect has introduced a lot of games that are fresh and original. The hardware is to thank for all of these original games.

New Experience – Imagine playing a game with no controls. Well now you can with Kinect. Rather than take the motion control route like Sony & Nintendo, Kinect has introduced a new way to play which just might change the way we think about gaming…FOREVER

Fun Factor – Kinect is just playing fun, for everyone. Casual gamers and hardcore gamers can finally unite and play together. Kinect is also a great way to get the whole family involved.

Kinect Cons:

Big unit – Kinect is BIG, really big. The camera is about 16 inches wide and will be a bit of an eyesore next to all of your sleek components.

Bottom Line – Without a doubt Kinect is here to stay. PlayStation Move started the race early but broke its legs shortly after takeoff. Kinect is definitely going to change the way we view motion controlled gaming, in a good way.

What are your opinions? Do you own a Move or Kinect? Which hardware do you predict to sell more units this holiday season?

  • V8Supercars

    I will just add my view quickly:
    The PS Eye is great technology, its a ultra clear camera that does 60FPS vs 30FPS of the connect(from my understanding unless MS did put int 60FPS in the end? but it was cut for cost saving), Its field of view is something like 20 to 30% more than connect and Audio pick up is done at a much faster Hz rate, Kinect is over rated and PS Eye is more than equipped to do the move. IMO its great sony backed there product so many of us dont have to buy another item if we own a PS eye already, well done Sony.
    Second- the name sucks WTF Kinect? go blow yourselves M$
    Third- Playability Move owns kinect, A physical controller is still needed to play games at an acceptable level, Wii showed it can be done and done well with Motion plus, Sony followed its footsteps on a winner just now having the ability to play in full HD and play top quality games like Killzone 3, Mag, LBP 2, sorcery, Resident evil 5, Infamous 2 and Heavy Rain to name just a few games that Move will be kicking on.
    Sony has already done the whole no controller thing on PS2 with eye toy and its huge list of controller free games, it milked it already they had to opportunity to do this on PS3 also but have moved away from this controller free gaming, its been done and it sucked.
    Just how are we going to be playing gears of war or Halo or any half decent game on Kinect? what about games like Heavy rain that is heavily menu driven? Move will be utra smooth and easy to navigate like PC style of point and click, this cannot be said the same for the Kinect.
    IMO Move will be my choice hands down for choice in next gen controllers this Christmas.

    PS: And dont forget that the Kinect can only last as long as the console hence its will be a huge waste of money in 6months or less when your console red rings.

    • I understand your 2 cents V8, but here are mine. Sony was too little too late with a Wii like technology. Seriously, the PS Move may have those titles, but innovations sell and Kinect has that right now. I seriously see people referring to the PS Move as a Wii wannabe.

      – Sony tried to release Move to crack on Nintendo’s success, but Microsoft came from left field and is wiping the floor with their new innovation. Sony should have just waited and perhaps focused on only 3D, Nintendo may take that from them as well with their 3DS.

      It’s just like the PSN Plus, what the fuck took Sony that long? And even now, it can’t compete against Xbox live. I love Sony, but they need to become the innovators again. Give us virtual sex or something..

      But like V8 stated, don’t expect all games to work well with Kinect, but just imagine the possibilities…

      • arcmage12

        word… you hit in on the head.

      • Leo

        SAYS the xbox fanboy…… kinect will die just like wiii……if it doesnt work for the hardcore it wont work. MOVE integrates hardcore games. Heavy Rain, NBA 2k11, Killzone 3, Resident evil . Kinect games are made just for kinect so FAIL FAIL FAIL

        • solid_snake3656

          don’t forget lbp2, and socom 4.

        • Toronto

          This is hillarious…
          Hardcore Gaming never built the base of strong sales, at least not on consoles. Console are made and designed for casual gaming, you can tell me whatever you want, but titles like “Heavy Rain”, “MAG”, “NB *random year here*” are not hardcore. You just cannot play “Hardcore” on a console, because there simply aren’t any “hardcore” games. Hell, even the term is ridicoulus.
          The PS1/PS2 were designed for the single purpose of casual games – can’t you see that? If it would be about hardcore you would be playing on a PC, the only decent way to play “Hardcore”.

          This is in no way fanboy-talk, but to mock on technologies that are CLEARY ruling the industry right now (see Wii, see Kinect) just to push your favourite company (which is total bullshit anyway, i.e. pushing your favourite company, not the company itself) is solely stupid.

          And to call other people “fanboys” in that case of matter – that is just flatout dumb.

          Instead of flaming in Microsoft you should embrace the technology and push sony into making something even better. There is no evolution without competition.

          • Toronto

            Just to be clear: I neither like the Move, nor the Wii, nor the Kinect. They all suck – PS Eye was okay, I guess, but far away from what I am playing.

  • necronzero

    Kinect = Eyetoy 1.5
    Innovation? Right.
    I might get Kinect though, if I find a game that’s fun enough but for now, No move and No kinect for me.

  • gadget666

    what is it .. retarded article of a juvenile denial xbot.

  • Link01

    Someone get rid of this writer. This is a joke of an article

    • truth


  • Axeblade07

    I agree with V8. On all points. You think the Move will just fade away. years of R and D thrown out because a competitor comes out and re brands a technology Sony used almost 10 years ago. Don’t think so. Kinect does work as intended but it is limited to the types of games that will work well on it compared to a physical controller. I think the two will co-exist side by side on the shelves for a long time. Neither is going anywhere as both target different demographic in my opinion.

  • scruffyexaminer

    This article makes no sense.

  • Parapraxis


  • Parapraxis

    sorry, my bad

    …for giving this fucking site a hit.

    Goddamn, this article is fucking stupid..

  • Well, for one thing the Move bundle comes with a game and if you add a Nav controller it’s $120 total. Sure, some of the launch games are a bit casual, but if I am correct all of Kinect’s games are casual. The Move can be used for Resident Evil 5, Heavy Rain and MAG – which is a FPS – something the Kinect can not handle…at all. Not to mention you need a tonne of space to accomodate 1 person in the living room to use Kinect! Also, the PS eye was doing years ago what the Kinect is doing now – putting the gamer on screen in the middle of the action. Kinect is awesome technology, but will the average xbox user still be using it come February? I know I will be using my Move controller in February when Killzone 3 is released. I am sure 360 users will use it sometime next year when kinectadventures 2 is released.

  • keysy

    its funny how kinect is dubbed as something so new its the eye toy eolved everything is a copy from past generation . the wii has been came to be the move. kinect sucks i dont know why it matters gran turismo 5 vs halo sales is what people should care about if they want to talk sales

  • barba

    Are you kidding? move is far better than kinect… god do you ever try sport champion fan boy? like other people had say this article its a joke

  • trolleater

    “Imagine playing a game with no controls.”

    Yeah “imagine”. It’s been going on since 2003. Your only 7 years too late. LOL.

    ” Kinect is also a great way to get the whole family involved.”

    Yeah if your a WHOLE family of 2. LOL. The lame Kinect can only manage 2. So much for family fun.
    Even the “lowly” PS2 Eyetoy supported 4 players at once. All at the same time. Actively. So much or innovation. LOL.
    It’s actually @120fps. 4x the speed of the Kinect camera. The Kinect audio isn’t as good as the Eye either. Only 4-way video chat instead of the 6-way of PSN. And you have to actually pay for the lame Live to get video chat. LOL. 8×8 lagfests vs 128×128 rock solid servers. Dumbing down of America. A bunch of suckers to have their pockets picked by flooding the media with shills like this.

    • FusionAK

      Best…. Comment… Ever….. lol

    • solid_snake3656

      fantastic comment

    • V8Supercars

      LOL, Well said mate, and the video link was the icing on the cake.

  • Wastedtime

    This is just absolutely stupid. Note to self, never click on any new website again you see on n4g.

    On article is sooo stupid and one sided its unbelievable. Change gaming for ever??? Kinect? controller free gaming?

    Wow. Just wow.

    • V8Supercars

      Just to let you know TQ is not new, been around for years, podcasts are upto Ep 128, and been actively linked on N4G for well over 2 years.
      It makes yourself look “new” as you say it when you post silly comments like that.

  • xboxftw

    hahah omg even a xbox owner like me can’t read this article without smelling the fanboy in Illmatic. Illmatic this is prolly the least objective article on the internet.

    I do like my kinect tho 🙂

  • jay

    I agree that this guy prefers xbox over PS3, but not all his points are incorrect. I own all 3 systems, I have Move and kinect (which by the way is way more advance than the PS eye toy that I bouth 6 years ago) and let me tell you something. I will not be playing with move or kinect next February, but my wife and kids will be dancing dance central for years, its an awesome game!!!!

  • Parapraxis

    You should all really listen to illmatic, he’s a brilliant author, no doubt soon to be on the NY Times bestsellers list.

    He was even gracious enough to bestow this mind-tinglingly good article upon us lowly plebes.

    Did I mention he’s enrolled in graduate school!?

    Like …totally wow eh!? *

    (please note this is a sarcastic post)

  • Illmatic

    @paraproxis. Troll. Let me ask you a question. Which website do u work for/own?

    • V8Supercars

      LMAO, well said, read it like a book.

  • Bereaver

    Dear god, what kind of article is this?

    I’m getting out of here and I don’t believe I’ll be returning.

    Trash journalist = Trash site.

  • Reckless718

    this is one of the worst articles i ever read

  • Mortal

    Just another fanboy site. Sad…

    • V8Supercars

      Nope not a fanboy site, just a view of one of the staff members, most of the site staff are actively on PS3 and 360 and tend to do more PS3 stuff when it comes to game nights etc so dont know how this can be classed as fanboy? Does not mean the site is “fanboy” cause a few members are enjoying the prospect of the Kinect, I dont agree with article dont mean i just have to lash out and call everyone fanboys. your comments are sad unfortunately.

  • jumbo

    Here’s the thing: you might think you guys are a bit clever using flamebait to get people to come in here and talk, but guess what? If you had released a decent article instead of this fanboy crap, then I might have just checked out your site and looked around for other good articles, and other people too. Instead, I’m going to add this to my list of websites to never visit again, and I’m guessing a lot of other people will do the same, because we can now see it for what it is: an xbox fanboy site.

  • B H Obama

    Great article, ignore the Sony fanboys, they get very very upset when anyone criticizes their god Sony in any way.

    Great points, and this stuff needed to be said, the rest of the gaming media should be ashamed for not writing this article sooner. This stuff is not rocket science, any idiot with half a brain can see that Move is a half hearted half assed effort, and Kinect is a lot more than that.

    Keep up the good work. The silent majority will continue to come to this site, because this article shows that you guys have integrity, you dont just play it safe to keep from offending the fanboys.

  • shendow

    Wow some one is a 360 fanboy, you can use the ps3 ds3 controller with the move controller and cam.

    So that is money saved, $99 dollars for game, move controller and cam and you can use your ps3 controller. Plus kinect sports looks just like wii sports rip off.

  • BigRiz

    Both motion controls have their good and bad. But I really don’t see Kinect appealing to the “Hardcore”. There are so many “Hardcore” games played in marathon sessions. Are you really going to play Gears for 4 to 8+ hours with Kinect? I doubt it.

  • Orionsaint

    I don’t own any of this motion garbage! It’s a gimmick and a trendy fad. I’m just waiting for it to pass by like 3D movies.

  • Peter Parker

    LOL does this person SERIOUSLY think that Kinect has almost no Cons.. I tried it at best buy yesterday thinking it would be awesome and there was so much lag that it was absolutely impossible to play (i think the game was ricochet). every time i moved my arm left to right it would be behind tracking my left movement after I had already finished my right movement. I think sony was smart to turn down the Kinect technology when it was offered to them although I can see a more accurate version of kinect 5 years from now being really cool when there is no delay

  • lol

    Lol at all the damage control by PS3 fanbois. Stupid as usual; so afraid of Kinect and MS. Just go play your games and stop being so stupid. All this PS3 this PS3 that, you fool bitch and moan more than anything else. Have such good games and don’t even play them.

  • Trekster_Gamer

    Look at all the rage from the Sony trolls…. MWHAHAHAHAHAH!

    You Sony Drones now have a Wii Mote for the PS3 and it is just killing you that Kinect is blowing away the MOVE… Here is why

    40 million users have one already it is called a Wii!

    None of them have Kinect yet but will want it!


    • solid_snake3656

      I had a kinect when ps2 was out, it was called the eye toy at that time.

  • Anders

    Everyone that says Kinect is just and Eyetoy 1.5! I would say have not tryed the games for Kinect!.. I have all 3 systems! Well not the wii anymore! Just sold it the other day! Move and Kinect have beaten it, and I see no reason for me to have it anymore! Move is more like Wii in HD.. Kinect, yes many says it just like eyetoy, but having both system and playd with them, you will know that Kinect is way more than “just” eyetoy 1.5

  • solid_snake3656

    lol don’t you guys just luv how the writer wrote an essay on how the ps3 has “calibration issues” in brightly lit rooms (not true). And just a sentence for kinect, stating “its too big”. Here are the real issues kinect has:
    1. It has a hard time recognising people with dark skin.
    2. you have to clear out your whole room to play kinect.
    3. it is very old technology, and a copy of the eye toy.
    4. poor selection of games.
    5. steep price point, it cost $56 to manufacture. And they sell it for $149.

    • nonfanboyjustpc

      1. It has a hard time recognising people with dark skin. = ITS GAD DAMN CAMERA its the same thing like the first camera face recognition geeeeeeeeeeez X___________X
      2. you have to clear out your whole room to play kinect. = get a better room!
      3. it is very old technology, and a copy of the eye toy. oh god, check the facts. if its old, then why didnt eye toy ever created the same god damn idea? tell me?
      4. poor selection of games. its FRIGGIN NEW get your brain straighten out!
      5. steep price point, it cost $56 to manufacture. And they sell it for $149. You wouldnt know that if they didnt tell you GOD, and their smart to make $149 each and actually GOT MORE income.
      6. go home and live in a cave geez, while i live in futuristic house and flying cars, lets see how you find “old technology” work soo much better than me flying around the world with my god damn flying cars!
      7. Your like lamborghini murcielago (ps3) vs me with crx with b18 engine(xbox360). i will just dust you with my upgraded shiznats

  • charlie

    bravo writer, you got hits by saying your one sided opinion and bating everyone, hope you’re proud.

  • Justin

    You should probably check your facts before publishing an article. Microsoft raised their sales estimates from 2 million UNITS to 5 million UNITS. Not $2 million to $5 million. Huge difference, considering its $150 a unit.

  • Illmatic

    Its quite ironic that everyone is calling me an xbox fanboy, when im actually a playstation fanboy. XD

  • Shawn

    V8: um the 360 hasnt had RROD for over 4 years now. Last i checked Ps3 was the one with all the hard ware issues atm. The blueray players in the ps3 spin around 5 times faster than normal blueray players which is why a good number are failing now.

    Those move controllers are completely retarded looking. They look like dildos with a light up anal bead on the end of it.

    • V8Supercars

      Really? did know that….. i wonder why my less than 6month old Elite is RED RINGED Then? Hmmmm dont believe me check my setup on TQcast main page.
      And had 5 consoles red ring before that all within the 3year period you saying the 360 no longer red rings.
      You comment is a joke, we all know 360’s RRD like it or not!!!

  • Illmatic

    @Shawn best comment so far, for saying move controller looks like a dildo with a glowing anal bead. LMFAO

  • nonfanboyjustpc

    woow sooo many retarded fanboys, be more realistic on what you guys say GEEZ T.T..i think kinect is actually amazing, considering, no one actually took that big step in technology, the only way to make kinect fail in the future is is consumers. period. its true and u know that. no money no future.thats life get over it. as for move, man, its same thing like wii just much much WAY better than wii. but still. i own ps3 and move, but trying kinect just once… needs to step up the damn plate, and you people that friggin just hate xbox, if you hate xbox, dont even comment EVER freaking fan boys, pisses me off, there are no such thing as FAIR pros/cons when ever i read..always puts down “worst” consoles..anyways title says “innovation” not who looks and works better. it shows and get over it. kinect = winner why? no controller. move = copy cat but better. wii = good but needs a better console . AMEN

  • John

    What a lame article – How is the move expensive at 119 and the kinect ‘a bargain’ for 149? U fucking moron, thats the price of a 360!! Bargain my ASS!!! And do u know what game u get with it?? A bloody demo, its just like wii sports. I’ve played the Kinect, you have to stand a good distance away from yr TV cuz it does not have a wide angle lens. Its not going to change the way anyone views motion gaming cuz there will never be a serious game u could play with the kinect! Your motions aren’t picked up well enough or accurately, good luck trying to play COD with yr hands. I can see that a tiny amount of Microsoft’s 150m marketing campaign is spent on morons like the author of this article!

  • marty

    Funny how Microsoft gets praise for been 7 years to late with EyeToy tech. Kinect is nothing new.

  • Diago

    If you think Sony is jealous of anything Microsoft does on their B grade playstation, you are sorely mistaken.
    Everything Microsoft does stands contra to the Sony brand.

    Hardware quality
    Style of design
    Attention to software development
    Hardware feature’s

    In all these aspects Sony is mopping th floor with the 360, and its obvious to the ppl who have been in the scene longer then the mediocre Halo gen.

  • plmko

    “Pricing – Its going to set you back around $120, which includes 1 controller, 1 navigation controller and the Sony Eye (Camera). (this price does not include a game)”

    I know of no games that require the Nav controller.

    Obvious bias article is obvious.

  • DJ

    I am amazed at all the articles about how well products from Sony, Nintendo or MS sell. So here’s my pointless take on it.
    I got a BMW and I think it’s the best car in the World hands down. I wouldn’t trade it in for a Ferrari, Aston Martin or Mercedes. Hell, BMW invented the bloody wheel for crying out loud.

    Maybe if I write a lot of articles about how great I think BMW are. I will get something in return from them. Maybe I’ll get payed. Maybe I’ll get a discount next time I get a new BMW.

    If not then I will have done all this lobbying for them for nothing. I promote their cars for nothing and get nothing in return. I even have to pay full price when my car has to go to the BMW garage.

    Oh my God. they are laughing at me down in Bavaria. I can hear them now. “Look at this fool, promoting our stuff so we can sell more cars”.

    Hmm maybe I’ll just sell my BMW after all the free hard work I put in. Or maybe not because I chose to be an idiot and waste my time and money on trying to sell a product that wasn’t my job in the first place.

    Man do I feel like an ******

    • osiris

      BMW is shit

  • I’m not a fanboy only stating facts, Sony’s PS Move brings more to the table then any motion base controller or camera. Why you say? It uses a camera & controller, both technologies together. Everyone already knows it’s number one for accuracy, the technology behind the Move & Camera have been in development sense 2002. OK Specs on Sony’s Camera & Microsoft’s Camera, PS3 Eye tops out at 120Hz with 1 camera Zoom Lens 75° horizontal & vertical. Also the camera has 4 microphones inside with audio 6-way split. MS Kinect tops out at 30Hz with 2 RGB Cameras 57° horizontal 43° vertical & 1 3D deth sensor. Also 4 microphones inside with audio 4-way split. But Sony PS Move adds even more specs to the table, because the PS Eye & Move work together, more in next comment……

  • PS Move Specs, Motion Controller Motion Sensing (Three-Axis Accelerometer, Three-Axis Angular Rate Sensor) Location Tracking (An internal Magnetometer is also used for calibrating the controller’s orientation against the Earth’s magnetic field to help correct against cumulative error (drifts). Object Recognition (Via PlayStation Eye). Move & Navigational Controller Bluetooth 2.0 wireless radio communication signal. RGB light-emitting diodes LEDs, the colored light serves as an active marker, the position of which can be tracked along the image plane by the PlayStation Eye. The uniform spherical shape and known size of the light also allows the system to simply determine the controller’s distance from the PlayStation Eye. Thank You For Reading Goodbye PSN ID: SuperSaiyan_Goku

  • annihilator69

    man people are as dumb as ever how can you sit here and say psx/ps2 were not hardcore consoles hello rpg’s are all meant for the hardcore player (except ff13) there were like 200 rpg’s on ps2 on counting psx and gow is hadcore thats not casual, casual is crash bandacoot, sly cooper etc.
    ps2 has more hardcore tittle then and other even p.c. look it up especially jp rpgs, persona 1,2,3,4 all ff come on do yo research hb4 you talk. man yes i’m ol skool gaming since comodor and i do have a gaming p.c. i’m playing two worlds 2 right now and divinity 2 the dragon knight saga and another 20 or so games on p.c. and i own ps360gb from launch and original 360elite no wii but i play wii games on my p.c. like and rpg i’m playing on dolphin wii on p.c. is rune factory fun little rpgs one of the few wii games i like plus on my beast phenom 2 (6 cores) overclocked 12gb ram etc. the game looks better then on wii because of emulator so it kind of looks better then wii plays like wii but hd with classic controller so and yes kinect will sell but only to casual gamers move i’m interested but gonna wait till socom to get p.s. can’t wait for diablo 3, im disappointed with star craft 2 while i enjoyed it kind of felt like a remake then a sequel

  • joe

    meh, as long as the system has a controller (not a wiimote so wii is already out) i’m playing it.

  • osiris

    Kinect is a piece of crap

  • Fey-Lynn

    I’m going to directly quote Penny Arcade’s Jerry Holkins here.

    “When my son hold his arms a certain way, and for some reason the Kinect thinks that he has mutated horribly and now his elbows have disintegrated and his arms are projecting backward from his shoulder blades, I shake my head. I call bullshit on that: not only is it not tracking him appropriately, it’s chosen to interpret the data in a way that is frankly impossible for any human body. You know what my son does in this situation?

    He laughs.

    Not only are its very real problems not problems, he thinks it’s funny. I can’t really chart the importance of something like that on a graph. I don’t know that it means.

    Kinect versus Move is a media-driven false choice. The Microsoft Kinect is a demonstrably, profoundly bad Playstation Move. There’s simply no comparing the two devices, at least, no way to compare them that makes the Kinect look good.”

    That said, Kinect will ‘win’ this supposed battle because of the casual audience, the audience they have correctly chosen to target.
    Dance Central doesn’t even use Kinect’s bone sensing technology, I imagine Move could run the game, the fact though is it currently does not.

    To address the article directly though, Sony DID upgrade their camera. They have been emphasizing software updates for it to keep it with the curve. Sony also was originally going to do the Kinect thing, just a camera.

    They concluded the technology wasn’t ready yet and went with the surefire way to get better controls. The fact it’s already been proven by Nintendo weighs to heavily on peoples mind.

    Everyone copies everything in this industry, you can’t ignore solid progress in a field because someone else thought of it first. You have to accept your defeat and work to catch up.

    Enough rambling though, stuff to do.

  • LoveItAll

    I have all three like my wii, Love my ps3 and Move controllers and I also love my kinect but the reality of it, is that you didn’t write a full list of cons for kinect like distance, and it also has lighting issues much like what you said about the ps eye and there both vga cams only that the ps eye runs 60fps compare to the kinect cam wich is only 30fps also you didn’t realy hit on the games and what’s coming up for both as to where the kinect is more casual the move is more hard core, they are very different and the tech in the move is also very different then the wii’s. I played kinect with my niece for about 2 hours then done and she actually doesent want to play it again shes 6 and shes keeps on saying I’m to tired to jump around can I use the computer she Loves nick Jr. “flash games” but will see what happens in the future.

  • hakjie11

    I have bought both on the first release date. I must say that I was more thrilled and excited with Kinect than Move. I have great fun with Move, mainly third person or first person shooters like RE5 and Mag (waiting for SOCOM) But it was clairly Kinect that impressed me. This piece of technology is simply alien, I seem to think that it was not meant for this century, it is simply amazing. The possibilities are just endless. However it requires minimal distance and fully body movements, which is not what I would like to do every day after work. At the end I can tell you that Kinect will wil, just because of 1 thing, my girlfriend and her friends were playing it for hours and hours, but she never even toughed Move even I did explain to her the great advantages over Wii-mote. So I can tell you that Kinect will get a big piece of female gamers…

    • whatwhatwhat

      I can get that kinect impressed you as any other new device would I think that the minute I got it and hooked it up to my tv I was thinking how cool this was but after a while you start to notice that it’s not as impressive but very limited and that navigating the menu will be quicker with a controller, it’s still a good way to impress your friends and my girl friend loves Dance Central “not my cup of tea” but it’s the first game she ever played so it’s cool I love that she loves it. I think I like my Move better I’m more hardcore and can’t wait for Killzone 3 with 3D and Move it’s gonna be great can’t wait. Oh and Alien tech dude come on maybe after a couple more software updates and both to the navigation and more so voice command then and maybe then you will all feel like your in star trek. So I guess you can’t judge kinect yet it’s still a baby but will see. “Alien Tech” funny…..