Kinect vs Gran Turismo 5 is the Real War, Sorry PS Move

After months of predictions and speculations on what would be a Holiday PlayStation Move and Kinect war, the war is slowly fading away thanks to Microsoft’s marketing scheme. The real war is no longer between motion gaming, it’s Kinect vs. Gran Turismo 5, end of story.

Sure Microsoft had to put in half a million billion dollars to properly market Kinect, but hey, they have that kind of money to spare, so why not sell the brand? Surely 500 million dollars would go a far way when you consider not only the Kinect Unit, but also; the games, 360 consoles and anything else Xbox branded being sold, thanks to the marketing.

So, where did the PlayStation Move marketing and idea go wrong? Some may say it didn’t go wrong, but come on, look at the Kinect numbers and no controller idea. For starters; Sony followed on the footsteps of a 4 year idea set by Nintendo — (motion controllers). Yes, don’t pretend like people haven’t related PS move to the Wii –“it’s like a Wii huh?”And Kevin Butler, well he can only do so much on his own, we predicted (here) that earlier this year, he needs celebrity help and apparently, 500 million dollars. look at Microsoft and Justin Beiber.

But the Sony brand is still in the battle this holiday season and although it might not be with motion gaming, there is a game and only one game that Sony will sell consoles this Holiday season. What game has everybody going crazy? The game is none other than Gran Turismo 5. With a new confirmed release date of November 24, you better believe that Gran Turismo 5 is going to be the game to break selling records this Holiday season, sure Kinect is projected to sell 5 million this year, but Sony’s claim of Gran Turismo being the most anticipated game of the decade can motivate their marketing to unleash the beast! Expect big marketing for GT5 soon, if not already released; it’s Sony’s expected, yet unexpected, secret weapon.

  • Brian

    That’s quite a typo you have there. Half a million spent on Kinect? Try half a billion. You even mention $500 million.

    As for Kinect vs GT5, GT5 all the way. No real gamer cares that much about motion controls. I bought a couple Move controllers but overall standard controllers are better. I don’t want to have to stand while I play games. I like to sit back on my couch. I also don’t want to get rid of my livingroom furniture just to use Kinect.

    • Yes sir, thank you. that’s what we meant.

  • random gamer

    that is the most uninformed rubbish i have ever heard you do realise 2.5million moves have been shipped, most at points in time was sold out and sony had to increase production move should easy hit 5m by xmas, not to mention the ultimate facepalm move has been in development since early as 2000 (, that means sony did not copy nintendo, now go dream about something else to start another pointless flamewar as sales != quality even if kinect sells more than move, move is more useful as can be used for every type of game wheras kinect is limited to on-rails and casual games, where are the rts and fps games for kinect, oh wait it has none, thus ends my point

  • The-reality-is


    MS brought NOTHING NEW see what I mean here

  • STFU_Fork

    @random gamer, you are fighting it, bro. it’s clear that kinect is selling out everywhere and, it will outsell move. I like move, but just like the article piece, it’s nothing more than a wii HD. Gran Turismo is Sony’s baby right now, ps3’s will sell this Christmas thanks to GT5.

  • WFT

    So you’re actually saying that there is a real war between a racing game and a 3D camera peripheral!? Do you actually think that there is a single person on earth scratching their head and asking themselves if they should buy GT5 or Kinect this Holiday season? What kind of drug are you on?

    Those are two completely different products catered to completely different kinds of people:

    GT5 is a game – a hardcore racing simulator to be exact. As such, it competes with other games and not with hardware peripherals.
    The competition for GT5 is currently the new NFS, or games like Halo Reach and Call of Duty: Black Ops and Starcraft 2 and Red Dead if you want to talk about big 2010 blockbusters in general (or with Forza 3 if you wish to start another pointless exclusives war).

    Kinect is a hardware peripheral which currently caters to the casual crowd and to families (based on the software lineup). It doesn’t cater to the typical racing fan who considers buying GT5).
    As such, it competes with similar peripheral products like the PS Move or the Wii Balance Board. Claiming that there is a “war” between this and GT is plain stupid and make is seems like someone is desperate for hits.

    • Rob

      I’m just about to upgrade from low-fi home entertainment to HD. Got a Wii but buying an HD tv. Need a blu-ray player so i’m thinking I get a PS3. But I like the kinect prospect….But I’m a big fan of the GT games from last time I had a PS. I figure I can pick up a blu-ray player if I need to, or a drive for my PC – image off and play via whatever media player on a 360 or ps3. So, ultimately it has come down to this for me:
      Kinect vs GT5.
      I guess it’s bigger than that really. It’s kinect vs the games I like to play, and honestly if I wanted to play HD Wii, then perhaps kinect is the answer, but for now the PS3 has the killer app as far as I can tell.

  • plmko


    A baseless article comparing two very different things, Oh boy.

  • faazer

    Desz what a pathetic attempt for an article. This is why you are on this website and not the bigger ones you game journalist wannabe.

    Matching up the Kinect to GT5 is just the most desperate thing i have ever seem. Go back to your shed until you find a better reason to write more trash.

    • TheL1T1G4T0R

      Great points Desz.

      This Christmas all boils down to Kinect vs GT5. Well we all know how much I despise the 360, so that Collector’s Edition of GT5 will be winning the battle in my home.

      These are truly the heavy hitters for both companies. Sad thing is…despite their monetary push, Microsoft’s Kinect doesn’t a chance. 500,000 the first week…LOL GT5 will crush that and we haven’t even heard about any possible console bundles yet!!!

  • robleroy

    I do believe Kinect will sell very awesome.
    But the market targets are totally different conserning GT5 and Kinect.
    GT5 targets the core gamer
    Kinect targets the Wii gamers.
    core gamers allways have been less than the WII gamers.
    Move will not move worlds, but it is an admirable add-on for core gamers who like to take gaming serious. just like 3D enabled games.
    most gamers will stick to 2D.
    I reckon that MOVE will only move worlds if a 3D enabled first person starWars games would exlusively be build for the PS3.
    And Kinect will move worlds, but just not in hardcore games (MW2, HALO, ) the next kinect solutions will probably be integrated in TV’s for audio en visual media interactivity.

    But comparing GT5 to Kinect is like comparing appel and oranges.

    The only thing they got in common is they are both probably sold in the same stores and the both are from the entertainment industry.

    Move is a crossover between WII and Kinect in technology terms.
    In the future Microsoft could add a move controler to their kinect to please hardcore gamers. But Sony could also integrate kinect into the sony’s future tv (That would make more sense).. You could turn off/on and manage the TV and PS3/xbox360 without controler just by face or voice or body movement recognition. And the kinect integration would also allow 3d TV without glasses. And even detect wether anyone is watching TV or not for the last 30 minutes..and auto switch to sleep mode and/or silent mode…or just turn itself off.
    The auto turn off solutions are allready here ,but man are they BUGGY!! and defect and certainly NOT user friendly.
    That would be awesome.

    But to sum up my reaction to this article:

    You are clearly an XBOX fanboy.I also am. but kinect is not what I am waiting for from Microsoft.
    They are clearly moving to go up against the nintendo WII.and in the music game sector (guitar hero)
    Core games like:
    are getting less and less attention…..
    It seems like my gaming future will be with PS3 (killzone3)
    byebye xbox360 (you were great…)

  • Mark

    LOL Move defenders. Shit flopped kids, sry.

  • Inzo

    I think the point being made is directed at hardware sales, still I dont understand the bad-blood coming from every one, this is good for gaming…………….isnt it?

  • Games’R’us

    So, are there any good games for Kinect? 500.000.000 bucks can bring us gamers some really good, bigbudget AAA games…is there any? ANY good game, you would buy for yourself and not for your kids or nephews?

    Name it, just name a good game for that 150 bucks add-on. Name ONE good game for Kinect in 2011, that justifies Gears being pushed back to holliday 2011 besides because it’s holliday 2011.

    That game my friends is called sales, it can be played but not by you, you’re being played…marketing goes a long way. I myself am looking out for the 10-15 PS3 exclusives Sony has lined up for the coming year. I’ll buy those. Real BIG games, no shovelware.

  • Games’R’us

    …or that one game, where I’m standing in front of my 3D telly, with my 3D goggles on and a Move controller in my hand. Big explosion, smoke, first stormtroopers march in, followed by Vader. I flick the switch, telly emits a beam, 3D goggles puts that beam directly on said controller – swoosh & woosh – Vader says “impressive…”

    That’s cool stuff, it’s not yet available, but with Kinect you could only hope being one of those stormtroopers going pew! pew!

  • LBDz

    lol.. so true.

    The good thing with MOVE is that when we as gamers hit something ( punch as example ) we feel it. That alone means we hit or target. On Kinect you get nothing. Nothing at all only guess work.

  • ps3 is FAILING

    So where are all the good games for the Wiimove?!?!?!?

    There are none…. and don’t tell me that killzone3 is it… come on… I’ll give you 15 mins holding up the Wiimove before you give in mate. You know full well you’ll end up playing with the ps2 controller, along with those laggy controls.

    Also… 3D glass are so 2010… you know full well they’re going to be redundant in 2011 with the new 3D TV’s that don’t need glass’s…

    Oh boy, will you just stand back and look at yourself… don’t you look stupid with ya 3D goggles on waving a glowing pink dildo about… dear oh dear… you sonyfanboys really don’t have any taste do you.

  • ps3 is FAILING

    As for the Wiimove games coming out… nothing but unimaginative Wiimote SHOVEL-WARE.

    There’s not ONE game worth buying a Wiimove for… not ONE game.

    It’s just going to be ENDLESS SHOVEL-WARE for the Wiimove.

    sony is DEAD… the move is DEAD.

    • Inzo

      @PS3 is failing, This is what ticks me off the most about xbox live is that have to contend with childish 12 year old kids like you, to all others on this site, please dont take to heart what this kid says, contrary to believe not all xbox owners are like this little punk, I love my xbox I just sometimes hate the company it keeps.

  • Games’R’us

    No, Sony is not dead, Sony is more alive than ever. Sony Worldwide Studios currently have over 15 bigbudget games in development for the next 2 years, not just 1 or 2 for the holliday season.
    And it’s not just one game that benefits from Move, it’s an entire genre, the FPS genre. Everyone in my MAG clan that uses Move thinks the same, after the initial getting-used-to our KDR’s have gone up. For MAG it really works, and I expect the same for Socom 4 and KZ3 early next year.
    Heavy Rain with Move is also a good example. All good games where Move is an option to enhance the experience, not a mandatory 150 buck webcam that limits gameplay options.

    By the way, you still need to name that one good game for Kinect, one that doesn’t make you look like a fool as when you’re going to finally buy your PS3, because you’re fed up & want to play games.

  • Games’R’us

    Games like…

    Gran Turismo 5 (with a logitech ofcourse:)
    Dead Nation
    KillZone 3
    Socom 4
    MotorStorm Apocalypse
    Twisted Metal PS3
    Ratched&Clank All4one
    Final Fantasy versus XIII
    Resistance 3
    inFamous 2
    The Last Guardian
    Uncharted 3
    Little Big Planet 2

    With or without Move, all year long…now name that ONE cool Kinect game or kindly STFU you sorry excuse for a gamer.

  • keysy420

    kinect oh the shame cool scheme not right for video games money spent in the wrong area of your company nad not where it should have been give me 500 mill and fck advertising get another comapny to do that force the hardware down people throats. i know how they could have pulled this off why dont they honestly with 500 mill icould have made ms a billion plus in profit for multiple companies multiplae times a yr kinect with games the worst business move in history

  • bowserone

    cant understand why sony fanboys are butthurt, bottom line sony spent money and wasted time on old wii tech!!! anybody with a brain new that innovation is key and that monkey see monkey do was a bad idea! hell kinect aint no prize pig but its evolution! games are us claims look at all the video games move has vs kinect…..thats not the point of the motion wars!!! look at all that damn wii shovel ware and no 3rd party support yet wii killed for years!!!! microsoft was brilliant to makett what seems like the next evolution to NON GAMERS which is what the people who buy motion control crap are. oprah, jimmy fallon, ,letterman all pimping the no controller machine on their shows! you cant buy advertising like that!!!(maybe u can) most real gamers dont give a shit bout motion controls. so even if the games do suck who cares? theres reason most wii owners own sports resort yet dont own no more hero’s or mad world. bottom line. msoft won this round. hurry up and get ur next trump card in line sony.

  • LBDz

    @ bowserone

    MS have USED OLD IDEAS, with Kinect. Sony’s EYETOY = No Controller Needed… Remind you of something ? LMAO !!

    Look at the links i gave above. This 100% shows that MS copied that Idea of ( No controller Needed ) from Sony, and thats back in the PS2 days.2002 / 2003…LOL…

    Kinect is not all it’s made out to be. Same went with EYETOY. This is why Sony made PS-EYE, so that it had 60-120 fps so that it worked with real fast motion gaming and gave a smoother gameplay experience. ( Kinect was made at 30 fps ) and cannot keep up with fast motion gaming…( Lag shows this now ) ???

    PS-Move allows casual and hardcore gaming, hell even the Wii does. But MS using Kinect cannot have offer this type of gaming.. Can you play RE 5 on Kinect ( No ) yet both Wii and Move can. ( So much for future gaming ideas with Kinect ).

    So when you say ” monkey see monkey do ” Think of Kinect and MS. Hell Kinect even sounds and looks like ( Kinetic ) a PS2 game using EYETOY…Lmao !!

    • bowserone

      get with the times bro the eye toy failed!!! sony is “supposed ” to represent the hard core in gaming! they should have skipped this motion control fad but not only did they jump on but with old practically stolen tech! microsoft was smart enough to pull the wool over the non gamer public eyes buy offering them what seem like an evolution in motion control. u think the average grandma or mom or dad knows about the sony eye toy? fuck no!!! u say move allows for more HARDCORE gaming….who the fuck wants that? u want the new call of duty or grand turismo! sony players dont want to waggle! wasted money. wasted time.

  • rjo

    Well look at it the other way microsoft is desperate to getting back in the game and picture with kinect since on the 360 not much special is coming out neither on the wii.
    sony with a bit of luck and this time 24th of november its coming you all know what im talking about (GT5) consider this sony doesnt have to rely on their move controller its just their for people who are interested in it nothing more.
    don’t forget they have the last guardian and uncharted 3 and killzone 3 underway next year so do the math who has the ace up their sleeve??

    • LBDz

      Correct. MS are rethinking how to get back into the gaming market. Heres why.

      The 360 console has a LIMITED SPACE problem, and by releasing Kinect and that type of gaming, MS doesn’t have to worry about Limited Space as much. ( Kinect games don’t use up loads of Disc Space ). Also XBL has only got 25 million members ( half of that figure given are gold members ), which is now fallen behind PSN as they now have over 60 Million members. ( Both XBL and PSN allows multi accounts to be made ) before BS gets said about why PSN has more members..

      MS just have no choice but to hang on too what they can. They lost the HD-DVD / Blu-Ray war, they are not getting as much as PS3 nowadays, ( Look at what PS+ offers to users campared to XBL users ) as well as missing out on Extra Disc Content due to Limited DVD Space. ( This can be shown by how many hardcore games are getting released by MS compared to Sony ).

      I’m playing KillZone III now, and that game offers FULL 3D Support, with PS-Move FULL Support. Even in it’s Alpha Stage ( Beta Test ) that game alone looks better than ANY game on xbox 360. Thats not me being a fanboy as i own both consoles, it’s just the truth, that nothing comes close to the graphics of it.

      MS knows they cannot compete with the PS3, and the B-Ray Space that helps make games the way they are, which IMO is why MS are trying to hit the casual market now using Kinect.

  • LBDz

    ((( get with the times bro the eye toy failed!!! sony is “supposed ” to represent the hard core in gaming! )))
    Answer = Fail is correct, but WHY did EYETOY fail.? Reason is we need Buttons to get full gaming experences. ( Thats why MOVE has been released to work with PS-EYE ) to give the experience back to the gamer…And MS are supposed to represent hardcore gaming more so than Sony with xbox 360, yet they just released Kinect, that is based on EYETOY that failed. Lmao !!

    Also the Wii showed all companies that Motion Gaming could work and bring something new to the market, hell even mothers, fathers, grand-parents started too use it. ( And for the record PS-MOVE was being worked on before the Wii was even thought of ) so MOVES not a stolen tech whatsoever…

    But heres the thing right. People know what the Wii’s all about, but Wii gamers wanted more from the console..And that was HD-Gaming with better accuracy and precision controls. This is what the PS-Move offers gamers plus much much more. While Kinect is about to go the same path as EYETOY, or like MS’s other great idea they had. The HD-DVD.

    • bowserone

      u miss the point man, its already been touted that move is a failure. the people who paid the outrageous price for the ps3 (yes i got all systems btw) didnt want the lame waggle experience hd or not! the wii gamers arent worried about motion control in hd! they just want the new mario’s zelda’s and metrioids! HD gaming isnt as important to sony as their new push on 3d gaming and 3d tv’s! sony and microsoft just did this to level the playing field with nintendo but u cant be 4 years late when copying somone and all u have to promise is a glowing ball ontop of ur wii mote and the promise of hardcore games…..

      • LBDz

        Move is not a failure whatsoever. Thats just not true at all.

        Theres more Hardcore and Casual games being made for the PS-Move than ANY other format on the market. Kinect cannot play a FPS at all. PS-Move can be uses with M.A.G, and once you get the hang of things it is better than the controller. Kinect could never play that game, Hell even xbox 360 cannot cope with that game online having 256 players so how is PS-Move a failure when Kinect can’t do half what PS-Move / PS3 can do.

        Wii owners playing RE5 for example wanted better graphics when they saw the PS3 version of it, but while using their Motion controllers. THATS what PS-Move now offers. Wii owners now have a choice to use something that would be familiar to them if they wanted a PS3 to have the HD graphical games. While Kinect is familiar gameplay to EYETOY ( IE ) No Controller Needed Gaming.

        • bowserone

          althought we cant get exact console figures any more, most gaming and finacial sites are reporting move as a failure brosef. kinect lame as it may be has sold out and sonys big gun isnt its motion control fiasco like they thought, but gt5. time to wake up and smell the fail. u keep gong on about hd and games, but kinect dosnt need that, oprah, letterman, jimmy falon they damn near did the marketing for msoft. ur obviously a gamer u go to sites and shit. THE AVERAGE PERSON DOES NOT. they dont know the spects of the ps3 vs the xbox. they just know what the new hot holiday toy is which is kinect. hell move may work even better than it but its not getting nearly as much coverage. its done deal man hell did u even read the article u commented on??? or did u get furious somebody called sony out on its marketing and sales failure? bottom line…much like psp go (lol) move aint gonna last long.

  • Games’R’us

    …first one to name a cool Kinect game wins my PS3, my Logitech G25, my wheelstand and my sofa, and I’ll re-route my GT5 pre-order to your door.


  • Games’R’us

    Just one, is that 2 much 2 ask? One cool game?

  • Mark’s Momma

    I don’t know why all the gaybox 360 fangirls are on here crying – won’t change a thing. The only reason you’re comparing HARDWARE to Gran Turismo 5 is because all the 360’s games are shit and sell lke shit, Halo 3 flopped hard, a pathetic 10 million? Compared to GT 3’s 15 million or GT 4’s 12 million Halo 3 is absolutely laughable! Shit games sell like shit, get over it.

    MOVE is better than Kinect – A – Gay. MOVE has already sold over 4 million, Kinect – A – Gay hasn’t even done half that. Shit flopped, deal with it. The only reason so many 360 gayboy spastics are on here crying is because the Gay – Box 360 doesn’t have a SINGLE exclusive game available for it while the PS3 dominates with Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, God Of War 3 and Gran Turismo 5.

    It’s Mark’s Momma, Mark’s Momma.
    You never really know what she’s gonna do next.
    It’s Mark’s Momma, Mark’s Momma.
    Giggidy, giggidy, giggidy, giggidy, let’s have sex!

  • Mark

    Do feel that Move is fully out of the picture indeed, looking for Gran Turismo sales vs. Kinect. However, Gran Turismo is historically speaking more so about a long tail, so it may not have a major impact on month 1.

    Anyways, Kinect looks to hook up loads of people that weren’t interested before in the technology. Found this useful list of Kinect Games right here, quite a lot coming already:

  • Whaa!?

    You guys ripped this idea off from another website, right? Classy.

  • become a reddit user if all you want to do it bitch. otherwise stfu.

  • Games’R’us

    Useful list indeed Mark, with Sesamestreet Kinect I can rest my case for sure, there is no cool Kinect game and there never will be. And why buy that camera, update Forza for Kinect and buy “Stig’s Garage” when you can rest your arms on a Logitech Gran Turismo wheel when racing in true Top Gear style, which is included on the disk. 40+ GB’s they say.

  • LBDz

    Microsoft said on Monday it has sold more than 1 million of its new hands-free Kinect gaming systems in the first 10 days since launch, putting it on track to beat its target of 5 million sales by the end of the year……?? It went on sale in U.S. stores Nov. 4, although many customers had pre-ordered units, likely causing a spike in early sales….?

    Thats not a lot really. If it was doing really good Kinect would have sold that amount on pre-orders alone ? ( Look at Halo Reach pre-orders ) So this shows that people want games, not an over priced controller free gaming like MS makes out to be the case.

    • LBDz …..

      Sony’s PlayStation Move controller continues to do well, according to Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA). Although there hasn’t been an update on actual sales data since it was revealed that 1 million were sold in North America and Latin America and 1.5 million were sold across Europe, Sony maintains that consumer response continues to be good….

      GM of Latin America for SCEA, told us that PlayStation Move has been a “tremendous success.”

      “We’re actually continuing to catch up on filling the pipeline with product, as we are in the U.S. and worldwide because demand has greatly exceeded our expectations,” he commented. “So far, we still don’t have enough to supply the [Latin America] region and we’re hoping to catch up, so triple-A success for us in the region….

      . It’s been able to translate easily into the region. Something as simple as Move is easily communicated, easily captivated by the region. The difference is we’ve been able very much to define the difference between Move and Wii and Kinect, which has helped us quite a bit.”

      @ bowserone,,, Told you Move was not failing, infact it’s out selling Kinect….Still ….;o)

  • LBDz

    The best trailer for GT 5 = ( PLEASE play in 720p )

    Then tell me how Kinect can compare with that.?

    No chance.

  • Games’R’us

    Kinect users will wave that away LDB, they’ll throw their hands up in the air & wave-em like they just don’t care, for something like

    Made it in my national top 100 last year, witin 1.5 seconds over both races…damndamndamndamndaaayum!