Get Call of Duty Black Ops For Free, If You have…

As many of us gamers know, Best Buy started their used game trade in system back in August. With the holidays just around the corner I’m sure most of us are short on cash, leaving us with no money for this years most anticipated title, Call of Duty: Black Ops. Well I’m here to tell you that Best Buy has answered all of our prayers, sort of. Best Buy is offering a promotion where you can get Black Ops for virtually no money.

All you have to do is:

1. Trade in any two (2) games from the list at Best Buy. (List)

2. Receive $60 Best Buy Gift Card

3. Purchase Call oF Duty: Black Ops with $60 Gift Card

4. Enjoy!

  • Now this is a great deal! I have MW2 I can trade in and get $30 for it, plus I already have a $20 BB gift card, OK, might pick up Black Ops tomorrow.

  • b

    Best Buy CANADA had a better offer that ended yesterday, with a selection of games dating all the way back to May!

    Unfortunately I DON’T LIVE IN CANADA. The only good game to trade in at the moment is Modern Warfare 2.

  • Sebastiaan

    So technically speaking its not even free… Because you still have to give up 2 games for it… Free does not excist 😉

  • Jake B.

    If anything, Black Ops isn’t worth trading in MW2 for if you’re playing on the PS3, considering how plagued in glitches it is. I actually started playing on my Macbook Air–not the best gaming device, but hey! It plays Zombies in HD with high res texturing, and that’s all I care about.

    I’d trade in Force Unleashed 2 (I was gonna return it anyway I finished it in 4 hours) and Red Dead Redemption (ending SUCKED, and now at least I have a chance to get my money back for that awful waste of time). End of story.

  • Justin

    The amount of stupidity it requires to actually waste interwebs on such an article blows my mind!

    Two games, which probably cost more then BO, for BO itself. That sounds like that opposite of free to me.

    Can’t believe people think like this.

  • Andrew

    did this yesterday. traded in mw2 and mario kart.
    now im loving black ops 😀

  • Zoa

    Not all stores are participating in this deal.

    I went to my local Best Buy only to be turned away, as they were forced to end this deal due to “copyright issues”.

    Also, this last has been updated, so Modern Warfare 2 and Mario Kart Wii (among many other games) are no longer on the list.

    • The link above shows you what Best Buy stores are participating. I have 2 Best Buy’s near my crib, but only one of them “the bigger one” is participating. Will be trading in MW2 for Black Ops today.