Blood Drive Review

When Blood Drive was announced, fans of Twisted Metal finally had something to look forward too until the release of Twisted Metal. Blood Drive is the latest car combat/zombie annihilator. Is Blood Drive a Twisted Metal clone using zombies as a marketing gimmick, or is it the next big franchise that Twisted Metal needs to watch out for?

Story/Gameplay: There really isn’t a story to follow in Blood Drive. The concept is simple, you choose a driver and you compete against other drivers to win a Tournament. Each Tournament has a series of events that you must complete and place high enough in order to win the cup. Before each event you get to pick a load out for your driver. Load outs are basically packages and perks that give you a slight advantage during the event. There are a total of 7 different events in the Tournament, below I will go over the top 3 that stood out to me.

Zombie Roadkill: The objective in Zombie Roadkill is simple….Kill the most zombies! Although this mode is really simple, it’s really fun to just drive around and mow down zombies.

Total Massacre: In Total Massacre, your goal is to kill the most opponents and zombies as possible in the given time limit.

King of the Skull: This is by far the the event that is the most addictive. Your goal is to hold on to the Golden Skull the longest during the given time limit. To grab a skull that is not being held by an opponent you simply drive over it. But heres where the addiction begins. If an opponent is carrying the skull, you have to ram into them in order to steal the skull. I found myself playing this mode most of the time as compared to the other events.

All events found in the Tournament mode can be played separately in a single player match or online.

Graphics: So how does Blood Drive look? Well to start, it’s not the most polished game. The graphics do look a little dated, but this shouldn’t be something that steers you away from playing the game. One thing to note however, the game did suffer from some serious frame-rate issues during combat. Aside from the frame-rate issues and not so polished graphics, the game looks decent.

Sound: The voice over work found in Blood Drive is straight cheese, I’m talking Gouda. The cheesy dialogue goes great with the theme of the game. In my opinion, a zombie game is not a zombie game unless it has some cheesy voice acting. The music in the game also adds to the exciting and fast paced game play. Two thumbs up for the sounds/music in Blood Drive.

Controls: Here is where the game sort of falls apart. This game takes a long time to get used to the steering. I understand that every car is going to handle differently, but come on. Even the car with the best steering is hard to control. Here is a good way to explain the steering, imagine driving a car on an ice skating rink. I found myself crashing into walls more times than I had liked to, which is a huge turn off for racing games.

Wishes: The one thing that I ask for is better handling. Even with graphics that are lacking and frame-rate issues, this game could have been a solid release with better steering mechanics. Aside from the mentioned issues there isn’t anything more to ask for. Car combat mixed with zombies, what more could you ask for.

Final Thoughts: Blood Drive is a fun, fast and entertaining game. Yes it does have its flaws, but what game doesn’t. After playing for a few hours the controls wont be so bad and you could possibly enjoy playing. The difficulty is a little rough, but who wants an easy game anyways. All in all, Blood Drive is a good game to hold us off until Twisted Metal comes out. I give Blood Drive 3 Michelas out of 5.

(3/3.5 Michelas? What does this mean?) 3 Michelas is like drinking 3 of your favorite drinks, and working on your 4th, you feel relaxed, happy and starting to socialize. Not quite at the peak of your buzz, but not far from it.

Developer: Sidhe
System: Xbox 360 (Reviewed), PlayStation 3
MSRP: $49.99
Rating: M

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