Superstars V8 Racing PSN Review

Game:V8SuperStars Racing (PSN Version)
Genre: Racing
System: PlayStation 3 PSN
Review by: V8SuperCars

Another racing game by developer Milestone, this game takes you to the heart of real race car racing but does it get off the line or does its stall while other racing games fly past? Let’s hit the track with the G25 wheel and see if this game can get of the start line.

Presentation and Story:

There is no story to this game, It’s a dedicated racer at heart and it’s as simple as hitting the career mode and race away, one race after another. There are a few game modes you can try, License mode is great to help you learn the track layouts and get up to speed with the handling of the game, Quick race, Training, Race weekend your championship and Online racing.

The game is built up as a dedicated racer, from the opening intro to the way the game is laid out to you as a racer. Hitting the track you expect to be into the heart of a pure bread race car, sitting in my cockpit grabbing the G25 wheel ready to be the driver of a heavy modified race car, only the game fails to impress, it feels way off to what a real race car should feel and handle the cars want to slide around, twitchy controls and does not give you the feedback that other race games on the PS3 do. The game is fun to play at times and other times it’s downright horrible. Overall this game lacks the physics depth it deserves and does not do what other dedicated racers do with the physics engine. 2/5 Michelas for its gameplay.

Graphic of V8Superstars are not of quality I have seen of late, the tracks have good detail to them with balloons and planes in backgrounds with great draw distances, I did not see frame-rate drops or pop ins, its always running at a smooth rate, however I think this comes at the cost of a drab looking game, it just looks very old, grainy and lack of any color depth and hi-res textures was not the order of the day, no effects were used like utilizing the PS3 power to throw HDR lighting to bring the game to life. Car models are neat but nothing over the top, also using low res textures on track. The Rain tracks looks much better, the reflections are top quality and really make the game look good, at times you just wish every track was wet as it makes the game look so much better.

Unfortunately this area is very lacking and looking at a 2/5 Michelas

Sound of this game is outstanding, cars sound incredible full of character with gearbox winding, engines revving to extreme rpm levels, tire sounds and even the ambiance noise is great with helicopters flying around behind you in 5.1 sounds, give you a sense that you are a real driver and being filmed.
This really save the game as other parts of the game are lackluster at best, 4/5 Michelas

Wishes or Changes:

More support for wheels, ability to change wheel layout, set the mount of force feedback, wheel weight and on G25/27 support for 6speed gearbox and clutch support, and the 900deg is also missing from GT force and G25.
Graphics upgrade to take advantage of PS3 power
More cars and tracks
Upgrade physics engine to give cars justice

TQ bottom line:
While not the best racer i have played its also not the worst, its times like this that it makes sense why other developers keep delaying there games to perfect it and not rush the game out that clearly needs more work done to be a player in a strong racing market. I would loves to give this game more props, but it just buckles in too many major areas and as such stalls on the start line

-FINAL SCORE: 2.5 out of 5 Michelas!

(2/2.5 Michelas? What does this mean?) 2 Michelas is like drinking 2 of your favorite drinks, you are just getting started, everybody still looks ugly, your social skills are not on point and the bar seems far away. Only thing saving you, are the Chips & Salsa.