Call of duty: black ops secret mode revealed

Remember that game that came out way back in the day called Smash TV? Well if you don’t remember it or if you do remember it and you want to re-live those fond memories, we have a solution for you. Actually Treyarch has the solution for you, were just gonna tell you how to do it.

Call of Duty: Black Ops has a secret game mode built in it that plays and feels like the top down shooter Smash TV. To unlock this arcade game you have to be in the main menu. From the menu look down using the right analog stick. You will notice that you are sitting down in a chair with your hands shackled down. By repeatedly pressing L2 and R2 you can eventually break free. Once you break free, move around the room until you find a console. Load up the console and type in “DOA”. This will unlock an arcade game called Dead Ops Arcade. Enjoy

If you type in “ZORK” into the console, you will be able to play a game of ZORK, a text based game.

  • this is cool, I remember a few episodes of Qore had these secret game too. Does this work on both consoles? I heard the wii version unlocks a mii.