Gamer Grub USMC and COD – Black Ops, One Shot One Kill

Our good friends over at Gamer Grub are having another glorious event November 13th in Camp Pendleton, CA to celebrate the release of Call of Duty – Black Ops. The Gamer Grub girls will be at the Pacific Plaza waiting for you with open arms and BBQ and SMORES Gamer Grub flavors. If you are in Southern Cali, I recommend you hit up this event and let us know what you think of the flavors and the girls.

make sure you hit up Gamer Grub’s Facebook Page for more pictures and updates.

Along with this event, Gamer Grub has also teamed up with Play-N-Trade Video Games to host a Call of Duty – Black Ops Tournament. The tourney will be an 8-man free for all, and there are CASH prizes! Tournament details and entry information below:


Local Tournaments: Nov. 20th, 2010
National Tournaments: Dec. 4th, 2010


$3,000 Grand Prize
$750 2nd Place
$500 3rd Place
$250 4th Place

Get all the registration information right here

  • I’m sadly so good a cod black ops that I average 25 kills every match with 2-3 deaths :p