Aqua Panic! PSN Review

I have always been a fan of puzzle games and games that just make you think in general. Aqua Panic! is a puzzle game from EKO. Having never heard of developer EKO I was a little worried how this game would play. Does Aqua Panic! sink, or will it swim to safety?

Gameplay: There is no story in Aqua Panic!, only puzzles that will have you addicted after the first one. The gameplay in Aqua Panic! is easy to learn but insanely difficult to master. The object of Aqua Panic! is to guide your fish to safety. There are obstacles and enemies that get in your way, and it is up to you to re-route your fish to safety. There are a couple of tools available for you to use at the start of each level. These tools will help you guide your fish to safety and get them out of harms way. Some of the tools used in Aqua Panic! eliminate enemies and some of the tools block the stream in which your fish are traveling and re-route them elsewhere. There are a lot of tools available to use, too many to mention in this review. There is a set number of fish that you must get to safety in order to progress to the next level. After completing 10 levels a new bonus game is made available to you in the main menu.

Graphics: To put it simply, this game looks awesome. I’m not talking Gears of War awesome, i’m talking Loco Roco awesome. The colors in the game are bright, the textures are sharp, and the water effects look great. I think the simplistic style of the art is what makes this game look so good. EKO did a great job of taking simple graphics and making them look great.

Sound: The sound in the game is also very well done. The music in the game is funny and makes it hard not to laugh when the volume is turned up. The sound fx compliment the game real well.

Controls: The controls are also very easy to master. You use the left analog stick to move the cursor, and the right analog stick is used to move the map up and down. To use your selected tool you simply press X, while R1 and L1 will cycle your tool inventory.

Wishes: I can’t think of anything to add to this game, except maybe more levels. The game has more than 80 levels which take a very long time to complete, so unless your picky like me you should be fine with the levels that are given.

Final Thoughts: EKO really outdid themselves with this release. It is a very addicting game that every player should have a chance to enjoy, puzzle player or not. Aqua Panic! has earned a 4 Michelas out of 5 rating.

(4/4.5 Michelas? What does this mean?) 4/4.5 Michelas is like drinking 4 of your favorite drinks, you are feeling amazing and socializing with everybody in your group. You are at the peek of your buzz and only 1 michela away from Perfection.

Developer: EKO Software
System: PlayStation 3 (PSN)
MSRP: $9.99

  • este juego parece de jotillos, but I’ll try it.