Live Chat with Call of Duty Black Ops Developers

Do you have any questions for the developers of the highly anticipated Call of Duty Black Ops? This would be a great time to ask any and all questions you have about Call of Duty Black Ops. Treyarch will be having a live Q&A with the developers of Black Ops today, read below for all the information.

Call of Duty: Black Ops – LIVE Developer Chat

Tuesday, November 2nd from 4-6pm Pacific / 7-9pm Eastern

Live chatroom Q&A with Treyarch’s Dan Bunting and David Vonderhaa
500 fans can chat DIRECTLY with Treyarch team members
Live chat URL:

Fans who don’t get into the chatroom can still spectate and submit questions here
Overflow feed:

If submitting questions via Twitter outside of this Ustream page, make sure to add #BlackOpsChat

  • eliteskindog

    I personaly feel that the issues with MW2 were huge, this is why I stopped playing. I really wish you guys would have payed attention to making this Black OOPS! a little more on the realistic side. Please do away with the Lame KILL CAM. If you get shot, unless you are looking at them you shouldn’t know where the Hell the Shot came from. I truley feel like Black OOPS! has been turned into another Halo Run and Gun game. That is truely a shame. Cause it could be so much more. Also you guys could have done a little better with Skill Matching in MUltipalyer Mode. I makes it very frustrating for new players to get comfortable playing, when everytime they turn around some Higher level A-hole has knifed them again.

  • Daniel

    Why the hell did the ‘makers’ of Call of Duty decide to make ‘zombies’ a co-op, and ‘not’ make ‘campaign’ a ‘co-op’ too??!!!!!!!!!

  • Daniel

    Rate up if it should have been co-op in campaign, b**** to ‘microsoft’ or whoever if you agree.

  • Alex

    yea why did they not make campaign co-op cos it would be so cool then

  • cathey mason mom

    hello my son is in the army he got me this computer he is playing black ops off line with mult players and no matter how many kills the dont get experance or credit for the killis there any thing i can tell him what to do?

  • james fox

    Hello i have a problem

  • james fox

    The black ops server on ps3 is down on my ps3 now for a day and on the website it says black ops server is good